Extreme Heat Warning from Our Government.

We found this to be a bit of irony today. Our government put out a warning that extreme heat can be dangerous especially for those who are elderly and some people with Disabilities.

Today in our home the Hallway was hitting around the 28c mark with about 60% humidity and Juliette’s Bedroom that she is mostly confined to was hitting around 30c with about 70% humidity. 30c and around 70% humidity brings the heat index to 35c.

We both suffer from the heat a lot but Juliette tends to suffer the most because of her Fibro and Asthma. The combination of the 2 causes her to be in more pain, fatigue, and causes a lot of breathing issues.

So the Irony here is we have tried to get some sort of funding from the Government to get a Central AC Unit and of course we were rejected. We might be able to get help for a Window unit but it causes a lot of facial pain and noise pain to Juliette because of the noises and the more extreme moving of air that you tend to get from Portable / Window unit AC’s.
Even if we had the money and could survive the window unit / portable unit our Power Grid can’t… Our home’s entire upstairs and a big chunk of the basement is connected to 1 single 15 amp breaker.

So our other option is maybe some sort of Stairlift to get Juliette into the basement… Well the bad news here is our Government does not provide such funding and tells us to use a charity and most charities don’t see it a vital need as she has access to a small tiny room upstairs, bathroom with a shower and a kitchen. These charities tend to be a once and a lifetime usage as well. So if we ever moved into say a forever home we would not get the support and help required.

Long story Short our government is telling us to do something that we and I could imagine 1000’s of others with disabilities can’t do a single thing about it as well.