Ontario Disability Support Program Rates – ODSP Rates

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) in Ontario can be quite confusing when compared to programs like the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) in Alberta. Sadly their terminology is a bit out of date, but they do have 1 fixed income without the shelter variable portion changing like we do in Ontario.

ODSP Rates and the Ontario Child Benefit as of September / October 2018

So if you are on ODSP you are guaranteed $672 for Basic Needs as a single and $969 for a couple. Apparently spouses don’t need to eat as much.

Now when dealing with Shelter Amount, you will get a maximum of $497 for a Single Person or $781 as a couple. Keep in mind shelter is 100% an adjustable variable due to a few factors like rent and utilities.

Things that can be claimed to max out your Monthly Shelter:

  • Rent
  • Principal and interest on a mortgage or loan
  • Property Taxes
  • Hydro
  • Heat
  • Water / Sewage
  • Rental of Water Heaters
  • Home Insurance
  • Co-operative Housing and Co-operative Housing Mandatory Fee’s

We don’t expect there to be an increase for the 2019 / 2020 calendar year with the current Doug Ford Government. They had already slashed the increase in half last year and acted like it was some sort of amazing gift from the Conservative Government.

Hopefully this information can help those on Disability. The chart itself is from ISAC and heavily modified to give you less information like Ontario Works and such. If you need help or have questions then ask us night or day through our comments or via the contact section of the site.

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6 thoughts on “Ontario Disability Support Program Rates – ODSP Rates

  1. I would like to see Doug Ford live on an ODSP income, I bet you would see a huge change in getting more income being he would have trouble finding a place to rent. His health would turn for the worst for the very reason of lack of nutrition due to lack of money for food. Barely getting by, stress of having nothing is not living. Don’t forget no TV, Phone, Internet and not doing thing with friends and family for the lack of not having any money. Worst part stressing you have nothing and living in poverty only to make more health problems.

    Living off of ODSP is terrible and I would never wish it upon anyone, I wish Doug Ford no harm but just want him to be aware of the impact he has on people. Instead of helping people get their lives back on track by given more money, he leaves people trapped in a cycle that people can not break out of.

  2. I would love to see doug ford sleep on a park bench and get food out of a garbage can what we have to do on odsp or ask doug ford to go over to the food bank see if he likes that but don’t mess with doug ford pay cheque is will complain and bitch about it like we are doing as him to wear some one else underwear and clothes but doug ford don’t give a damn about us ontarioians at all ge was just voted in he promised to lower gas prices and really he didn’t do that as all as far as I can see it he can rot in hell and join is redictlious brother and kiss my ass

  3. I would love to take this doug ford to court why would I have to use my basic needs to cover my shelter basic needs is not shelter so where to I get the money to get laundry soap and dish soap soap to wash myself and where to I get my cleaning needs so clean my windows and clean my floors and clean my sinks ect it all cost money but he perfect us to live in a pig sty where in the hell did we find this losser he is a sick man and he is just as worse as his brother he don’t care about people in our communities in Ontario he is a complete loser cant wait till he term is done he will not get my vote in the next election

  4. My feeling is, as the rental market gets worse the harder it becomes for those on benefits to find suitable accommodations… especially when they are forced to move after the unit they lived in has been sold, as has happened to me. I am finding it hard these days to find such rental for single person in my late 50s…6 yrs ago I could afford to find a decent place to live with the limited amount I receive but the market today (in ON) is so outrageous I am becoming closer to living the streets, which I dread.

    What the gov should realize, is, whatever we (odsp recipients) get goes right back to the economy; rent, food, etc. it’s not like we go on holidays, attend social events etc. – socializing is non-existent, for me anyways – we (at least i do) live responsibly even with the little I get – It’s not an easy ride for those curious to know – I have a real disability but I do hope we continue to receive benefits as I (again) would dread living the streets as I get older just b/c I could not find reasonable, accommodations.

    Thank God we live in a caring society and will continue to hope I find accommodations no matter how the rental market has squeezed me out.

    Mr. Ford will one day see the light, hopefully.

  5. I work part time (30 hrs) a week. I claim my work hrs monthly. Am I understanding right that I am gonna be penalized for working worse than I am now? Can anyone answer this for me please.

  6. I am a person with a disability and get ODSP benefits. My disability is a seizure disorder that was brought on by a medication side effect and Vaccine. I also have a personality disorder that at times when provoked can be offending to others. I think Ford is not a very understanding person and is only a money gouging person he does not see that there are some people who can not work that have disabilities and that the amount of allowance they get is not enough to live on in these time the amount leaves them living homless and starving. I think for those people on Odsp who have a medical reason not to work should get a Benefit similar to the Old Age security and it should be a maximum of $2000 a month for a single person and double for couples.

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