About Us

We are a Disabled Couple who live in Canada that is on a disability program called the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). We live in Northern Ontario due to costs of renting and even owning a home in Southern Ontario.

This blog is to talk about Disabilities whether it’s about Politics, Equipment, Poverty, Tips & Tricks, you name it. Juliet will be a big part of the input on content as a lot of the content is about her and the experiences we have.

Juliet is the reason this blog / site exists. Juliet was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years ago where a Fibromyalgia Specialist had diagnosed her with the worst Fibromyalgia that he has ever seen.

Juliet started getting the symptoms back in University when she was learning to become a Teacher to help kids with disabilities and learning difficulties. The biggest signs was when she started blacking out due to pain and fatigue just from trying to walk to her classrooms.

Juliet also suffers from 3 other major debilitating disabilities, Asthma, Chronic Vomiting, and Chronic Migraines. Juliet also suffers from many other small but very life changing issues like Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, Hearing issues, Foot issues that prevent her from walking on her own, and quite a few Allergies outside of her already seasonal Allergies.

Juliet on the other hand is one the most happiest people around and always has a positive outlook in life and an amazing fun personality.

I’m Kane and the one who will be writing most of the content on this website. I was diagnosed as a kid with Depression, Anxiety, and I also had a Learning Disability.

I spent my entire childhood in the Foster System and was even adopted and given back, yes you heard that right! I was sent back after 2 years because of their own issues between the father & mother and constant fighting and it was pretty much a disaster.

I’m personally not as cheerful as a person like Juliet is. She is my moral compass if you will on a better path to being a better man. That being said I’m not a grumpy or sad person just more of a person who sees the world as a very cruel place to live.

The entire reason I started becoming a Disability Activist was learning and seeing the conditions of people in Canada living and I had enough of it and started sharing my thoughts and opinions online on Social Media.

Keep in mind I don’t consider myself actually disabled nor do I expect or think people should consider me as such. Juliet and I are a team. Her disability in a sense is my disability too and we fight them together as partners in crime.