ODSP Income Rules to Changes for 2020 and the Impact they will have.

As many of you might be aware in 2020 the new Conservative Income Rules Changes will be taking place. Doug Ford might be more cleaver then you think is a very evil way.

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So what is happening in 2020 people on Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) can earn up to $6000 a year before the clawing back of the income. There is no monthly deductions anymore. So honestly it seems simple and in fact it sounds like you can get a lot more out of it.

You would be unfortunately quite wrong as now there is a 75% claw back vs 50%. Not only that but when you do the math like our friend Ron Malis had shared on his Blog, you find out quite fast your not getting a good deal at all.

My concern is even deeper and more evil plot by the Doug Ford Government. The way the system works is if you get more then $6,000 per year then they take it away the following Year. So if you earned say $12,000 in 2020 you would have a deduction from ODSP of $375 a month.

So imagine you could work in 2020 but ended up getting pretty sick and quitting your job at the end of the year. In 2021 you would end up getting $375 less a month. So with the current rates being $1,169 for a single person on ODSP with max shelter rates. Your new total each month for 2021 would be $794… There goes your apartment and now your homeless and they stop paying shelter where I assume now their deducting the $375 from your basic needs income.

Now your homeless assuming to at least earn your full Basic Needs at $672 a month to put aside and maybe be able to get an apartment again in the future. But instead it’s being clawed back by $375 so that your left with $297 a month and now your officially homeless where nowhere to go for the next 12 months.

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It’s honestly a scary system that makes me suggest not going past $6000 a year to the point I would say quit your job the second your near that mark. Unless your fine at banking / savings then you can work past that marker, but it could be a dangerous task.

4 in 10 Canadians have less then $5000 in the bank so imagine what the bank accounts look like of someone on ODSP. Is it worth the risk? I would say 100% no it’s not worth the risk to ruin your life by becoming homeless. Many people on ODSP have both Physical and Mental Health problems. The last thing they need to worry is about budgeting the book for a year ahead when they have enough issues dealing with the month ahead.

Honestly Doug Ford is trying to encourage people to be able to go off ODSP but, this is not going to encourage anyone to go out and get a job. Instead more people are going to be afraid and scared as well as get more mental health issues like depression in the long run.

If I was Doug Ford I would personally bring the rates back down to 50% so people are not working for $3.50 cents an hour after earning a measly $6,000. In fact I would even encourage it to be lowered to 25% or let people reach closer to the poverty line before clawing back to give people a real fighting chance.

So in conclusion this system was broken and is still broken and the Doug Ford government claims to be fixing it and giving people the Dignity and Respect they Deserve. Maybe he should start sorting Nuts an Bolts for $3.75 an hour and tell us how his dignity is going.

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288 thoughts on “ODSP Income Rules to Changes for 2020 and the Impact they will have.

  1. How about we look at the people that are no ODSP that have managed to scam the system and are not really disabled. I bet you could reduce the number of recipients by at least 40% which would allow that money to go to those that are truly in need of the assistance.

    1. Have you seen bothered to see what it takes to qualify for ODSP or do you just hate poor people. When Mike Harris got ignorant people on a which hunt over Ontario Works, they found more money was wasted on clerical errors than welfare fraud. Meanwhile courts wasted limited resources on trying to prosecute people living in poverty.

      1. What are we scamming for exactly Michelle? The incredible opportunity to live in poverty? Morons like you are part of the problem not the solution. I’m also guessing you are the type of person that thinks if you get too close to someone with a disability you will catch their disability.

        1. Can Doug Ford , hire us a financial advisor to educate us how to a lot our dollars to sustain a lifestyle. Obviously we are missing the fundamentals of budgeting income:(

          1. Couples. We live on one income because I apparently make too much money. Hubby got nothing at 50% life is not easy

          2. I just do NOT understand people like you who actually think people on ODSP or Social Services are actually getting rich on these programs. Many many years ago it was may have been easier to collect social service income and work full time, how I’m not sure but that is really impossible to do now because as soon as you file your taxes your caught not to mention if your caught you loose everything you could possibly gained not to mention your freedom. It’s a big fat LIE that people will get rich being on ODSP or any kind of social service program. Please before you spew more unfounded disinformation please check your so called facts! It’s just ignorant and the people that do depend on these services barely survive on these benefits that don’t need to navigate the horrible stigma that goes along with it! Grow up and know your facts!

        2. I agree .. she probably feels that low income people are all dirty or drug addicts too..I work and I’m on ODSP but I make 6000 from working a year so I guess I might be safe …I may make more than you Michelle with Ford’s plan…

        3. Out of 10 people I know on ODSP half of them are perfectly able to work. and I know this first hand from people I know well. There is alot of scamming going on. Not everyone for sure. But the ones that are are taking from the ones who really need it. Maybe everyone should be checked by an honest Doctor and see what happens. How many still are approved. I am sure the numbers would be surprising. Some people just know how to play the game.

          1. Not all illness are visible I am not an odsb recipient but I know many people who have illnesses that cannot be seen and the struggle to get approved for odsb is insane a lot of hoops to jump through and usually involves hiring someone to help with an appeal

          2. I firmly believe as the recipient of ODSP and having worked to get where I am today and no longer able to work I firmly believe that Mr. Ford she didn’t need to come live in some of the circumstances we do under some of the conditions we do and on the income we do Pay the rent we do give up all of his luxurIes for a period of time my guess is he would last two days perhaps he should reconsider putting the cap back on rentals and also reducing the number of condos being built and we consider rebuilding some of the derelict building and instead of tearing them down and turning them into the low income the only thing Mr. Ford government is going to do is increase the homelessnessAnd it’s not only the people on peso That are going to be affected it’s going to be the poor workingman as well smarten up Mr. Ford

          3. Sue, if you know people who are defrauding the ODSP system, why not report them? If they aren’t disabled, and you say nothing, then you are no better than they are.

          4. can you prove it, and why would anyone want to live in poverty and lose their dignity just plain ignorance do not judge people until you live in their shoes

          5. Are you a Doctor? If no then you have no idea what your talking about and cannot diagnose these people. Keep your nose out of other peoples business.

          6. Sue, people on ODSP are allowed to work. But they are currently only allowed to make $200 a month, anything over that the govt claws back 50%. How would you like to work and pay a 50% income tax? Some disabilities are episodic like MS, schizophrenia among others. These people should be allowed to work for $200 a week when they can and not limited to $200 a month. Ford govt was talking about allowing up to $6000 a year with excess being clawed back at a whopping 75% but they backtracked on that.

          7. Some ppl have actual disabilities that are not physical like me I have a developmental delay as soon as ppl hear that they don’t wanna higher me

          8. What about the lazy worker in the mainstream work force that hides behind the protection of Union clauses. Scammers are not exclusive to government programs.
            Before you trow stones or point a finger make sure you yourself is squeaky clean. No one anywhere is not without fault, in some way or another at sometime.

          9. suck my big fat C#*& B!%@$!!! you have to fucking clue do you? I can work today for 4 hours (maybe) then tommoriw bed for a minimum of 18-20 hours so shut the fuck up and You YOUR FRIENDS AND POSSIBLE FAMILY all should stop scamming the government to live 6000- 8000 UNDER POVERTY Allowance and get you and your fat hippo possy back to the coffee shop to bitch moan smoke your RESERVE CIGARETTES and DIE !!! PLEASE!!
            FUCK YOU SUE!!

            OH only stage 4 follicular lymphoma with the lovely bonus of RARE SEVER aplastic anemia! which by the way SUE, I worked till I was considered officially Dead by the Air Ambulance whom rescued me and the 4 other people I nearly killed all because if stupid Fat stinky judgemental ugly coffee drinking bingo playing ass picking snot drinking C U N T S like u in this world, of which I would give my life up this MIN just to educate people like you!! oh yea if you don’t understand your a fucking idiot I hope you never have to suffer a day or second in your life!!! yours truly the 99.9% of sorry sick fuckers like me that would rather die then have to be judge! I guess my 4 year old Triplets would have difficulties explaining that to my 21, year old son and 18 year old son!! you want to maybe try and explain it to them ????

            STUPID FAT BITCH

            P.S. I haven’t eaten fast food in 18 years I dont drink or do any drugs I just want to end it all listening to people like u!! so have a great day and life Knowing 4 boys and 1 girl will he in an orphanage because of you!! wound you like me to send you pics of it or is that me TAKING ADVANTAGE too!!

          10. I have relatives that are on ODSP and work under the table….it is sickening what people do and get away with! My partner and I both work and make less than they get in a month for our family

          11. Seriously everyone gets told no the first time they apply. The system makes if difficult enough having small minded jerks make comments like that is not helpful. I was held hostage for two weeks, stabbed, drugged and raped numerous times. Then had to testify in court to have the guy put away. I suffered serious nerve damage and live with PTSD I have documentation from several MDs and several psychiatrist’s and still had to fight for my disability. So I can’t see there being more scammers then it would worth paying to find them. Ontop of the trauma that the witch hunt for them would cause the legitimately disabled people

          12. Sue Everyone is checked by a Doctor and a Psychiatrist and if it something they may get better from they have reviews it is not easy to get disability Just because you don’t see their disability doesn’t mean they don’t have one And obviously people may be able to work and still have a disability which is why we are talking about income deductions Nobody would choose to live on a disability or OW check just because they’re lazy I don’t know your situation but I’m guessing you are in better shape than a max $1172/mo 500 of which is the max ODSP gives for rent good luck getting a place for that price so then you cut into the basic needs of 672 average rent for a bachelor apt where I life is about 900 so that leaves 272 for everything else and OW is much worse a max of 733/mo for a single person 390 for rent 363 for basic needs Nobody Is going to choose to try to live on that if they have any choice

          13. Yet u think it’s a okay for the government to scan each & every one of us on a daily basis!??? Lmaoo
            I can guarantee u one thing-if someone is willing to live off nothing & barely get by when they have the opportunity or chance to live otherwise-they’d HAVE to be mentally ill and that by the way in itself would BE a disability. I think people like u r very naive, close minded-maybe even a little too “sheltered” & uneducated if u think ANYONE would “choose” to live this way if they believed for a SECOND that they had other choices or options!!!!!. Those people u “claim “ r scamming the government probably have mental health issues u can’t always see & there r also many types physical disabilities that u can’t necessarily see!!! Some people have pain issues for instance that affect them differently from one day to the next, making it impossible for them to be consistent at any one task or job!?. Have u ever thought of that!!??? Try keeping a job when you’re fully capable one day & so crippled by pain or depression or anxiety etc etc that u can barely make it to your own bathroom or out of bed the next!!!!!. Instead of judging & hating on these people u claim r scamming the government-why don’t u sit & talk with them about the reasons they aren’t working!!?? I bet you’ll be surprised & maybe have a huge wake up call!!!!?. Maybe some of these people just need a little encouragement & someone who believes in them!?? Maybe they just need a little help to find something they CAN do??? That’s not always an easy task-especially if you’re dealing with mental health issues or pain issues!!!!. By the way-NO ONE EVER ASKS to be disabled!-no one ever asks to struggle with mental health issues-nor can they control it & believe me, no one EVER asks to have to deal with physical pain constantly!!!!!!!

          14. I’m disability because l can barely breath l have one lung all scared up from working in the renovation business

          15. I never reply but this one i am.you maybe think you know these people but in reality you dont know shit..they are not going to tell you about there personal problems maybe they suffer from depression or another mental health issue and what they would tell you about it,and then you can judge and pre judge them i wouldn’t tell you anything.
            You sound like one of these snobs who sit back and judge,go out anx volunteer at some mental health programs and you will see not everything is visible for you to judge.

          16. Sue by that comment your the problem, ppl like yourselves say you know ppl who work & must be on ODSP, if that is true than instead of telling ppl on soical media, report these ppl.

          17. Sue to be totally honest with you, no matter what any government past, present or has been in power might say about wanting ppl off of OW but that isn’t true. If they did they would gradually/ease then off by allowing them to keep the income they make until they were able to substiane themselves to get themselves an apartment. As it is now once ppl get onto the system most are unable to get off it. I will say most rather not work & collect whatever the dollar amount is but what ppl who are on OW & prefer not to work don’t realize once they turn 65, they’ll have it worse off since they’ll not only be loosing medical benefits plus making less income. Myself who had worked & is now on ODSP had paid enough into CPP that once I’m 65 I’ll not only have that income but also the OAS & GAS plus Gains. Even though I’m on social assistance it bothers me when I hear ppl who are on it complain that they aren’t making enough to survive, yes I’ll have to admit when first being on (FBA) now what is called ODSP I’ve been broke more often then I would like to admit, even had to go without the groceries or necessities like phone cable & internet but what these same ppl need to realize is that ppl on social assistance have 3 things that most working ppl won’t/don’t have. First being an GUARANTEED INCOME till they die, look at the PANDEMIC & how many business have either been forced to closed or went out of businesses forcing working ppl to loose then income, Second being what I call an GOLD PLATED MEDICAL BENEFIT PACKAGE, not even unions have the medical benefits what ppl on social assistance, FREE DENTAL, FREE PRESCRIPTIONS, FREE GLASSES. Plus the government pays for out of town medical appointments, travel, logging & meals. I’ve been on ODSP sine 93 but the monthly income was $930. it is now $1169 for an single person, an increase of $239 over an 27 yr period which works out to be an increase of $8.85 an year but that increase only occured from the time the Liberals were in power from 2003-2018. So in fact the increase or raises works out 15.93 per for 15 years or just over 1% so what would an working person except an 1% increase knowing that every year things 2.3% or an GOLD PLATED MEDICAL BENEFIT PACKAGE.

          18. Wow Sue
            You should be on a disability for being uneducated and probably a liar your family doctor isn’t the only doc actually in my case wasn’t the doc you see a psychologist of the government’s choosing I believe we all do that does a number of tests and he is one factor in a long line of hurtles u have to overcome. Then you should have years of documentation to prove history of whatever illness or disability u may have. In my case I was told I had to go on a disability because I ended up in prison not for being a criminal, I’m sure that’s your first thought. For defending a woman who was being beaten by her guy and he tripped on his own hit his head and died. 8 years of hell turned me from a working member of society into a PTSD and anxiety inflicted individual. Why u may ask because prison is a country club right. I’m afraid not I saw more violence and violent death in a year than 50 people ever do in a lifetime. Then I wasn’t allowed to have medicine that actually helps and works but given an antipsychotic. That didn’t help .after all that and living groundhog day in a world from the 70s I was just kicked out into a fast moving world that kept moving forward while mine stood still. No reintegration just a probably gonna see u again good luck. So Sue u definitely don’t have many friends that you know on disability. Oh I forgot after I jumped through all the hoops the psychiatrist I had couldn’t see me as often as possible in turn making my nightmares from the stabbings and violence i saw. I also regressed to a point worse than i ever was and haven’t left the 15 room mansion i own. I mean small little room in a house that I’m absolutely miserable in that I share a bathroom and kitchen. Both I have to clean before I can use because I like clean some of us bums do anyway, for 2 plus years. I dont eat much because I hate to ask for help. I can also get extra money for things that I won’t get because people like u and the first person make me feel so embarrassed and useless for being on something that not only did your society make me get. But your society created from being in the perfecrly not scary but violently terrifying club fed. So now that you are rolling your eyes and saying u know people that were in prison to and they came put normal… I bet they were the ones stabbing people and cutting throats or beating people because they were different. The number of people that are ripping off the system. I can imagine is so small because of the years and headaches it takes to get on it. I bet u know those guys to to. Stop belittling anyone u think is poor because they choose to be. Be informed maybe do some research with your grade 10 ducation that u probably have because u were working on having that 3rd kid cuz welfare gives u more money per kid. I’m sure because I’m being as ignorant as you are I’m bang on with the kind of person that u.

        4. Uuuuummm sheila i agreee with the other girl says where i use to live a lot of people were scammers there are more who collect think it is ok for me not to work and some want to work. I am disabled but i look normal because I’m young . I applied for ODSP was denied, wonder why because I look normal exactly what i was told and I had my walker. Would you consider me a scammer?

          1. That’s called welfare, not ODSP. I am a peer representative at Peer Support South East Ontario, and I see what people like these mind numbed brainless idiots do to our culture. How about a hand up instead of a hand out. I’m sick of the brainless calling people scammers just because they have the “privilege” of working. Most on disability would rather work if they could instead of just existing

          2. ODSP doesn’t see what you look like you don’t send a photo of your self to them everyone that applies for ODSP is mostly denied and has to appeal and some times people need to get a lawyer to help them. I’m just saying you were never denied because of how you look it’s just the way the system is.

          3. I suffer from depression ,,I jumped 6 years ago off a 60 bridge in Sudbury, ,amagine working and for no reason at all you start crying ,,you don’t know why but it’s going on ,,went through job after job ,,my upbringing, ,being abused sexually, ,until I became 18,,I didn’t want this ,,it messed up my entire life I wouldn’t wish the life I had on anyone ,,,so ya I’m stuck on odsp I dint picture at 53 my life being this way it is what it is ,,I’m just glad I get the help I get and am very greatfull,,

          4. Yet u think it’s a okay for the government to scan each & every one of us on a daily basis!??? Lmaoo
            I can guarantee u one thing-if someone is willing to live off nothing & barely get by when they have the opportunity or chance to live otherwise-they’d HAVE to be mentally ill and that by the way in itself would BE a disability. I think people like u r very naive, close minded-maybe even a little too “sheltered” & uneducated if u think ANYONE would “choose” to live this way if they believed for a SECOND that they had other choices or options!!!!!. Those people u “claim “ r scamming the government probably have mental health issues u can’t always see & there r also many types physical disabilities that u can’t necessarily see!!! Some people have pain issues for instance that affect them differently from one day to the next, making it impossible for them to be consistent at any one task or job!?. Have u ever thought of that!!??? Try keeping a job when you’re fully capable one day & so crippled by pain or depression or anxiety etc etc that u can barely make it to your own bathroom or out of bed the next!!!!!. Instead of judging & hating on these people u claim r scamming the government-why don’t u sit & talk with them about the reasons they aren’t working!!?? I bet you’ll be surprised & maybe have a huge wake up call!!!!?. Maybe some of these people just need a little encouragement & someone who believes in them!?? Maybe they just need a little help to find something they CAN do??? That’s not always an easy task-especially if you’re dealing with mental health issues or pain issues!!!!. By the way-NO ONE EVER ASKS to be disabled!-no one ever asks to struggle with mental health issues-nor can they control it & believe me, no one EVER asks to have to deal with physical pain constantly!!!!!!!

        5. I know most of the people under ODSP and OW doing under the table jobs and scam the tax payers ( this is fact) and the sad part is the government knows that and still support them just to get their votes!!!
          But with the current economical situation of the country those people should understand this won’t continue and the government might cancel all their benefits soon.

          1. Your facts are garbage. I know plenty of people who, like me, are on ODSP. I do NOT know of a single one who works “under the table” Most of us have trouble getting out of bed due to depression, anxiety, illness, etc. It took me three no’s before I finally went to a tribunal and they realized yes I needed to be accepted. Don’t tell me we are all scamming the Government. Nobody in their right mind would want to live on what we get a month.. to be forced into living in areas of a city where drugs and crime run freely. I wish I could go out and work but… I can’t.

          2. GOOD FOR THEM!!! They found a way to be able to afford groceries and maybe a few necessities the government would strip them of if they were to claim what they make!!!! First of all, there’s a REASON they’re on ODSP or OW & if they found a way to keep the little extra money they make to get ahead a little without the government taking it all away-Good for them!!! U think for one minute the government gives a crap about u & doesn’t already scam U every chance they get!!!?? Lmfao u naive little soul!! “ oh the poor government that taxes us on every dime we make & spend, then taxes us again at the end of the year and lives in absolute luxury with no needs in the world” is getting scammed!!!? Lmao “poor government that doesn’t give a shit about ANY of us!!!!. Ya know, if they actually allowed people to make enough money over & above their check to finally get ahead in life a little-maybe have something in life to work towards or look forward to-opportunities that people without disabilities have the luxury of doing-people wouldn’t scam the government in the first place!!!!. If these people are willing to put themselves through more pain & anguish then u “normal” people have to, to make a few extra bucks, they they rightfully deserve to be able to keep it instead of having the government take it from them !!!! Would U like going to work when ur in agaony-hoping to get ahead a little (like being able to buy ur kids groceries or something nice for their birthday) only to have someone take it away from u & punish u for overcoming huge obstacles just to go to work???? I highly doubt it!!!! And if you’re sooo upset that u don’t make enough-then u at least have the OPPORTUNITY to actually DO something about it & change ur circumstances!!!! Nothing is stopping u-unlike people on disability or OW. You’re choosing ur jobs-nothing & no one is choosing it FOR u!!! That’s a luxury that people on OW or disability don’t usually HAVE!!!!! The people u should be hating on is the government that’s making it so much harder for us all!!!! Seriously, look into it!!!! The government honestly doesn’t give a shit about u & definitely isn’t scraping by or struggling to get ahead a little like the people you’re judging are!!!! Give it a thought!!!!

          3. well SAM you must know thousands of people then if you know most of the people on OW and ODSP are scammers. How I wish ignorant, unducated people like you could take a walk in my shoes. I have worked since I was 12 yrs old…little jobs til I finished school and then full time and was never in my life without a job for a single day. Then when I turned 45yrs old the ability to stand/walk was taken from me. I am in constant pain 24hrs a day. I am now housebound and all alone living in housing on ODSP. I get $9000 a year to live on… a huge loss financially a quite a kick in the teeth for working hard all those years. I am stuck sitting in a chair in my lonely little apartment day in and day out. I cant even sleep in a bed due to pain. There is no comfort or happiness in my life. There is nothing to plan nor look forward to. I cry most of the time remembering the life I had. Working, interacting with people, feeling useful, nice paycheques, and feeling confident and happy. Never did I see my life headed here but it just as easily could have been you SAM!!!! So next time you think we are all scamming the system why dont you ask yourself what for? To live a miserable, poverty ridden life to be judged by the lucky people who still have their health by the grace of God. I’m 53 years old and wish I was dead. You’re right, I win you stupid fucking asshole!!!!!

          4. Wednesday, 2020/03/18 EDT 10:28

            Sam, it’s not that OW or ODSP recipients working under the table are malicious people or intentionally trying to scam the tax payers, they’re just trying to obtain a part of the tax payers kosher life. Is this so wrong and sinful to wish for what the more fortunate have? Sure the government has thrown out a life jacket [If you can call it that.] to OW and ODSP recipients, but we’re still in the rough seas here and stuck out there, the amount we get is not enough to pull us to shore to join the rest of society.
            Hydro One a 1% company, was audited by general auditor Bonnie Lysk, she had found Hydro one ripped the people off of Ontario in 2015 for billions of dollars, that averaged out to $2,282.xx per Ontario citizen. The people were angry [Enough Is Enough], yet no charges were laid, no money was given back, in fact shortly after Hydro One had the audacity to increase hydro.
            What was that comment of yours about the Government knowing OW and ODSP recipients are scamming the tax payer and the Government support it?
            Before you pick on an entity such as OW and ODSP scamming the tax payers for a few measly dollars in hopes of trying to join the rest of society, you better know EVERYTHING what goes on in the political system and how 1%’s get away everyday with ripping off the people of Ontario for BILLIONS of dollars.
            Epileptics everywhere motherfucker.

          5. If anyone is working ‘under the table’ it likely isn’t for much, and remember ODSP is $800 below the poverty line. OW is worth. People will do what they have to to survive. Better to do an honest data work under the table, then to steal a loaf of bread.

          6. SAM your comment makes me CHUCKLE since you stated you know most ppl on both ODSP & OW are scamming the taxpayers cause if you statement is true then you yourself are just as much to BLAME as the scammers for not reporting these ppl. Well your statement about ppl on social assistance voting for the government is an JOKE since for an FACT that most of the ppl I know who are on it have or do not vote which is an BIG CONCERN to myself since I’m to run for mayor in the city I live in & without these vote I won’t have an chance of winning. If as you state the government might cancel all of their benefits that 2 could also effect seniors, ppl like myself to has paid into CPP & is collecting CPP-D which if you do not know the ONTARIO GOVERNMENT deducts dollar for dollar so in fact they are penalizing ppl who have worked!!! I have 10 years to go before I turn 65 so once I reach 65 yes I loose the benefits that the government offers but will also have to pay for some or most of my medical, dental & glasses. But tell me this would you or anyone else be able to live on $1169 month

          7. There is a huge difference between OW and ODSP. OW is supposed to be a temporary help for those looking for work, where as, ODSP is to help those that have enough medically issues that working is either impossible or impossible to keep. Would you hire a wheelchair bound person with a brain injury that effects his memory? That’s my son after a car injury. He has tried many jobs and sent in many more resumes but when he goes in for an interview never gets called again. Those programs will always be around and you need to do more research.

          8. sam the reason ppl work under the table on odsp is because we don’t get enough to actually live. we have to choose do we pay the hydro bill this month? ok then no food. and next month ok now have to pay hydro bill but now we also need heat. again no food. we are so far below the poverty line it is insane. we don’t live we exist barely. we have no luxuries we are not getting rich and most of the time we have bills that go unpaid while we have to be embarassed by going to the food bank for help all because we do not get enough to pay current rents, utility costs and still have enough for food. so working under the table allows us to actually buy enough food so we don’t starve. maybe try living on what a single person on odsp receives with all your current bills then tell me u wouldn’t work a few hours here and there for some cash to buy enough so u don’t starve.

          9. Great observation sam the government tells people that work under the table that it will be over looked if they have their vote. Bravo and I bet u would be the first person to vote in the purge to keep the said poor from voting. They work under the table probably to keep the roof over their head that costs 300 more than what they’re allowed to get. Find a cheaper place. Another wonderful observation dude you wont get into housing unless u are a mother with kids. Well not in a timely fashion u wont. We have another uneducated person sorry man. However the purge idea is something u can push for in your reelection.

        6. There are lots of people on disability that work under the table. That is abusing the system and taking away from those that could use an increase. If you think there isn’t you are living in a shell. It only hurts those that need it. On the flip side there are disabled people who can work and want to work but knowone will give them a chance because they have a disability. There is always the good and the bad.

          1. Annnd? I’ve had this issue for 3 years as a single person. Then they expect you to live in subsidy pay rent sometimes utilities but the wait list for a single person is what, 10 years what the fuck is that bullshit. For me due to circumstance I’m banned for life from subsidy. So they expect me to find a apartment suitable for 2 kids on a part time basis and they give me what 12 1300$ a month. They don’t even break down anyone’s expenses. They certainly won’t cover you to re locate to a cheaper county. And you wanna work, well honestly folks welfare be better. They give you the incentives and know how. Yes I’m disabled but I love to work it gives you pride. Now this 75% wow. Yep. You go homeless you go down to minimals. The max rent allow for a single person is $900. Wow eh!

          2. Hello Everyone. I am on odsp die to severe autism and anxiety disorder as well as chronic mechanical neck and back pain and nightmare disorder. I have a service dog to take care of and my husband also has a service dog. He cannot work a regular job due to his own disabilities. As a couple we receive 1569 $ a month to live on. I am very lucky because my mom has a disability as well and she managed to be able to retire early from her job and has a good income. My parents have an apparent that they rent out and eventually when they die it will be willed to me. Right now we rent from her for a very good price. I am just so incredibly lucky I was born into a family with a mom who is willing to do this for me. Most people are not that lucky and it’s hard to get on odsp. Not to mention the fact that I’m sorry but 1569 a month is not enough for a couple who are both disabled and who both have service dogs. If it wasn’t for my mom having this apartment and loving me so much that she’s willing to rent it to me at a cheaper rate and will eventually will it to me so I will always have a home… If it wasn’t for her I’d likely end up homeless. Doug Ford needs to pull his head out of his ass and increase odsp! As well as give more money to mental health services and less to things like the military and tax breaks for the upper class! Maybe stop giving them so much money back and give it to people like us who actually need it!

          3. I can’t speak for everyone, of course, but plenty of people who work for cash while on ODSP do it for two reasons. One: It’s the only work they can get. Two: ODSP alone is not even enough to cover many bachelor apartments.

        7. Unfortunately there are scammers. I worked the streets & helped many on OWS and ODSP. I also assisted several with their applications. There were a few receiving ODSP who are perfectly capable of working and did so for unreported under-the-table cash. Sad but true fact for such a few scammers give so many people the wrong impression it is the vast majority.

        8. we as odsp recipients are not even getting enough to pay our rent or eat 3 meals a day cost of living and the cost of rent takes all of what we get,we cant afford to go to the movies, restaurants,or any of the finer things in life, so everyone stop and think if the government lived the way we all do on odsp it would be changed instantly,because they would not be able to handle all the shit we all do go through in a daily basis and monthly basis.

          1. Absolutely! It’s a struggle to make it to even the half way point of a month! It hurts your health – not having the finanical availability to eat right (because bad food is cheaper), or to travel to the doctor regularly for us who genuinely cannot work because of our illnesses (gas and parking or bus fare all can cost too much), never mind having an extra buck or 2 for anything that might come up unexpected like a bill or a hospital visit or a new pair of shoes because your old ones you’ve been wearing for as long as you can remember finally ripped or broke. God forbid people who have a legitimate reason for ODSP get what they need to survive as a physically or mentally disabled human!

          2. .I agree with Ms. Charlotte, as I have received O.D.S.P. since 2002, after I suffered an acquired traumatic brain injury in June of 2000, from domestic violence. Before this, I was working 3 jobs to support my 2 sons as a single mum w/o any outside assistance. It took several attempts but after I suffered a major nervous breakdown, along w a seizure in the O.D.S.P. office awaiting to make my last appeal, was I accepted. The other maladies I suffer are from an abusive childhood, sexual, physical, emotional, etc.I was on welfare for 2 years which was almost impossible to live on, if not for my youngest son having down syndrome, which allowed us an extra $175/mnth via A.C.S.D. we wouldn’t have been able to pay our rent + utilities in a 2 bdrm apt. With the aid of the food bank along w support from our church, I made it through until I was finally granted O.D.S.P. At first it was easier, that is until rent suddenly inflated beyond comprehsion. Once my eldest left home, My son now 26yrs & I are stuck living in squaller! I have black mould, sewer rats the size of small cats,w/ ticks they bring.I’ve had whooping cough presummed from them, along w their ticks my causing son & I both treated for lyme disease 3x last summer!Why you may ask? We both get O.D.S.P., however our shelter costs are $850max. So w/o credit good nor bad, I’m stuck in a 1 bdrm basement, paying $900, which is “good” if you look anywher as late. The Ontario Housing & rent geared to income is backed up 8 yrs!!Not to mention if you find a place while waiting, you are pushed back to the end of the line. So Basically you must remain homeless till your number is called. Which I might add takes yrs anyway you do it. If a one bdrm becomes available & you have a dependant such as I, they won’t allow for you to move in to better my sons & I quality of life, as they refer to this as “UNDER-HOUSING”. So a sngl person gets presidence over our living situation? No it isn’t their fault, I’d take it if I were sngl in a min. But I’m currently Under-housed in a residence where I’m told to deal w the problms or move so they can fix it, leaving my son & I homeless. He’s in the early stages of alzheimers, along w diabetes melitus diagnosed 3 yrs ago, until 2 mnths ago had been told by O.D.S.P. his supplies weren’t covered, so after paying just under $100/mnth finally his worker began to pay the phsrmacy directly, w/o compensating me the arrears, as thpugh this were her first diabetic client! It put me in debt owing the pharmacy almost a $1000+, til i was made to pay or not recieve our medications. Which I had saved every reciept for, but was given no answers till this day, told by my sons “advocacy consultant” to let it go. Meanwhile from the time he was diagnosed i pursued & perservered yet always missing something, till it was too late to appeal! I am my sons full time care giver, savig the government $$ from institutionalizing him, yet the government feels its ok to put our health especially his w past history of heart failure, I now have asthma, by not providing affordable housing, or increase the shelter allowance. Pick ONE! Doug Ford needs to get his head out of his ass to see the chaos Mike Harris created that it is not a privilage to recieve benefits when necessary it’s a RIGHT! Also deciding to take ‘VICTIM OF CRIME COMPENSATION” off the table, when I was in the midst of gathering my evidence from my childhood being failed by the ‘SYSTEM’, was told last min. I would only have a week to complete & submit my claim? Shame on him, he’s no better than the pedophile who sexually abused me w/o consequence for 15yrs, then swiftly as it was investigsated made sure he got a pardon before it became illeagle for sexual predators! I’M LIVID W HIS WAY OF SHUNNING THOSE ON ASSISSTANCE AS THOUGH WE’RE THE PIRIAHS OF SOCIETY, WHILESUCKING THE PRICKS OF THOSE WHO CAN PAY TO HAVE IT SUCKED FOR THEM!I apologize for my statement however, I stand by it, metaphorically of course! I HOPE ONE DAY WE AS THE “SECTION 0″ CAN WE FORM AN ALLIANCE TO GET BETTER ADVOCATES IN POWER, MAKE THE BAD ONES WALK A DAY IN OUR SHOES BEFORE THEY’RE EVEN ALLOWED TO RUN, AS I PUT IT MAKE THEM POLITICALLY CORRECT, HELD ACCOUNTABLE ONCE THEY GET IN & LAST HELD ACCOUNTABLE BEFORE THE BILLS PASS!” sorry sooo long I’m just a sngl mum frustrated, not knowing wgere our government will stand once I die & my son no longer has any advocacy! Where does he go? I’m curious….

          1. Doug Ford the poor should be respected because if it wasn’t for poor people you would be rich and in your happily living you live on thousand dollars for a month so how about us forty dollars a month that not human you and your wicked associates thinks this is right your rich friends with their high rent and welfare and disability have to pay all the monthly money in rent what about good every thing question ask what you emailaddresd what the phone number you all know that we all don’t get enough money to live on this kind of living just let we all step back in moor depression what because we swallow our pride no showing up at your side door with plate asking for what you eat and left so you coming with all this wicked plan taking away every thing Cuba take care of their people 2ith respect they have food roof over their head good health care free education why the hell you don’t go that way you keeping taking what not enough already it’s a shame living in Ontario let me tellyou make more mental health hospital more jail and you and America can do the investment keep on and I love you Ford when you say God Bless you because if it wasn’t the love of God what would we do because you are doing nothing for the poor. If it wasn’t for poor people you would not be happily rich all of you. Keep on taking.

        9. I was told by my doctor that i should apply for ODSP due to a life changing back injury i got in 2012. In fact many others have told me the same thing over the years but i don’t want the label stamped on my forehead and i dont want my income limited based on some policy. So, instead i work and do what i can to stay off the system and intend to do so until i absolutely am unable to work. Im 60 now and i figure i should be able to work at least another 15 years. Life without work of some sort would not be worth living IMO. I love work of any sort and i find it really keeps your mind off the pain issues and gives me a feeling of self worth. Its not about the money. If you dig into your passions there is always some type of work you can do. In that regard i figure guys with moderate physical injuries like me really have no excuse not to work and have no business being wards of the taxpayer. In my mind, i wish they would streamline the system and get those who are able to work off the system in an effort to ensure the people that really need to be on the system have more monetary support than they are getting now.

          1. I work and my wife is on odsp they take 50 % of my income off her so work 2 weeks for nothing . the if I draw e I they take 100% off her . now im fitting because they said I or we owe them 2000.00 for over payment from e I witch they are taking 83.00 a month off her check but that’s not all in 2009 my wife kept forgetting to pay our hydro bill so I asked them to pay it for us at 250. a month then last month I noticed we had a credit of 2500.00 and they took it so for 10 years she paid for it off her check and lost all now that’s not fair

      2. Hmm, Let’s do some math, the Poverty Line in Ontario is $23K/ year. The average ODSP rate is HALF that, so, what is it people are scamming? Give your head a shake.

        1. I agree, I’m a single mom with 3 kids, one is an adult (21) she can’t help out much because she’s just finished college and has only been able to get part-time as a psw while trying to pay off her student debt, phone bill, car insurance and gas so she can get work. My other daughter is 17 and saving for college. My son is 5. I get less than 1700$ a month on odsp and my rent is $1700. I provide everything else with my child tax. In 4 months I’ll lose half my child tax and at least $200 from my odsp because my daughter will turn 18. I struggle EVERY DAY, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. I would gladly work more and harder if I could. I’m winning nothing on odsp. It barely gets us through. Last year my income was less than 11000$ Thank you George and those others for your support. Some of us are just trying to survive, live lives as decent people and raise healthy and well adjusted children.

          1. Amanda, I am so sorry this is your life! I’m in a very similar boat and it is so hard! I end up having a breakdown at least once a week from the stress of “okay will we have enough food for 1 meal and 1 snack for the next week until payday”for a 3 person household. Keep fighting supermom!! Its not easy, it really isnt!

          2. Amanda, does your dautor that is a psw live in Brantford? I’m actually in need of a psw.

        2. I agree but in all honesty living on odsp requires it. You cannot survive off of that so a lot of people who need it dont report things so that they can keep the money they need to live! Under the table jobs and not reporting it is a scam yes but for so many it’s a requirement to pay our Bills and put food on the table!

          1. What I can’t understand is how ppl say they can’t survive, Sounds like ppl on social assistance are expecting too much. When I worked I made an grand an week, it took some doing to except the fact that my income dropped 3 grand & had to due without what came as daily occurrence. I went days without eating, even had to due without having an phone, cable & internet but still learned how to survived. I get everything used from clothes, appliances, computers cause when i worked & noticed ppl whom had money just used it to try to impress others. Ppl believe money makes the world go around, will make them happy but it doesn’t, for some reason I can survive on the income I get.

          2. madison. exactly. i live on odsp and get 1050 a month to survive on. it is impossible. i do not have enough to pay my basic bills each month so am about to lose where i live.
            if i could find some work under the table for a few hours here and there i would take it just to survive and eat. i am not one who is able to work and even doing a few hrs once a week can be beyond my capabilities. some days i am lucky if i make it to the bathroom. no one is getting rich on odsp and most of us aren’t even eating properly. i eat one meal a day most days. if we receive the proper amt equal to cost of living and current rent amts none of us would have to find those under the table few hours just to have food. i challenge anyone out there calling under the table work a scam to try surviving on what odsp pays out and still have food. after a week of being hungry i can guarantee they will be looking for those little cash jobs just to survive too. what is a scam is expecting anyone to actually be able to survive with dignity and not live in squalor on current odsp benefits.

      3. give me a break. There are so many scammimg welfare and odsp. You would have to be blind yo not see that. They should also do random drug tests on people on welfare and odsp. They do it for people working why not do it for freeloaders ?

      4. Being disabled and suffering with cancer , drs are pinpointing where it all is now , I have to buy supplements , they aren’t free , so when you judge ? Make sure it’s not to ppl who are genuinely ill and depressed beyond belief for my health

    2. I am sorry you are feeling so disillusioned Michelle. I think you are wrong about this, application for ODSP is a long process and requires continuing medical evidence and the input of sometimes many medical professionals. The payout is not a big one, around $1,000 a month for a single person, and comments like yours create and propagate a stigmatism around disabilities which discourages people who really need the help from seeking it.

      1. As it is I get 63 dollars a month on odsp why si little ? Because my partner who only gets old age and Canada pension. But he expected to support me and our 16 yrolf daughter . That money is for him to live on not to support a family. Oh did I mention he gets in a month .what he was making every two weeks and that’s not fair either .

      2. I am on ODSP. Have been on it since I was 18 years old. Thankfully I was able to get into housing. Since then my income for the month is only $750. They lowed my shelter cost since I don’t have to pay the full amount of rent. I use to receive $1,046.

        1. You are so fortunate to have the housing. My children and myself were down to 12 days in October before we were going to be homeless. We went from paying $1000 a month about (1300 inclusive) to having to pay $1700. It was literally our only option. Housing lists in my town are a minimum 5-7 year wait.

      3. Unfortunately she is not delusional many people out there scamming the system. I know of one couple the husband & wife claim he is not living there for ten years uses a false address for ten years. When that went south on him he now says he lives in his wifes basement in an apartment. There is no apartment they are not separated never have been. She makes 75 to 80 grand a year, He sits around drinking all day long. They have been reported many times but still get away with it.. How about our government deal with the scammers so that the real people who need help get the help they need.

        1. Obviously, someone doesn’t believe them to be “scammers”, oh, yeah, you’re another brainless that probably believes being addicted to something is a scam instead of an actual disability. People who are addicted in one form or another are mentally impaired. It doesn’t mean they can’t get better, but that they probably started drinking or abusing drugs to because of some mental illness or other

        2. I would love to be able to work, I don’t understand why someone would want to be on disability if they are able to work. A person would make a lot more money even with the minimum wage then they get on disability. The worry from month to month to wonder how people are going to be able to eat all month is so stressful. These people saying scammers do you realize how hard it is to find an affordable place to live with how much you are allowed for shelter costs, then bills on top of that? Me personally have been on the housing wait list now for over 3 years!

      4. I agree that to get on ODSP, is a very long process. I myself am on ODSP, & it took them 2.5 years to be approved. I have numerous health issues, and 2 doctors and 1 lawyer later, the light in ODSP’ s peabrain finally came on to say that yes indeed I have numerous health issues that prevent me from being gainfully employed. Many people think that those being on ODSP, are a bunch of bums, that don’t need the support. All I’m saying is that others should not judge what they cannot see. The stigma needs to stop. Not bitching, just saying.

        1. You are so right..most of odsp.workers also thinks the money comes out.of their pocket ffs…they should cut out welfare to the brats that left home cause of parents rules and are to.lazy tonwork

      5. Mr. Ford………….
        What are you doing.
        Protect the truly needy disabled with children. What is a matter with you. Git that fork in your 150$ dinner thinking about his self and trudeau and the way your going to screw us all over

      6. I agree , I’ve never had that issue , I wrote a comment regarding how sick I really am , and I will work part time anywhere as soon as I pysically can , it’s good for the mind and meeting ppl , j love working and hate cancer and depression , once cancer gone in sure the depression will follow ,

    3. Really, and when ODSP fucks up, you spend the rest of your life paying them back. My husband and I were a double disabled household. I went to tribunal to get 281.00. He passed away 18 months ago, and I am paying the overpayment back by myself. Add to that, when they cut me off I was forced to pay for my meds. Because I worked, my deductible was more than I could even dream of. So I took the meds that affected my day to day life. I am bipolar. Until I turned 65, I played Russian roulette with my medications.

      I agree that there pare people abusing the system. But why are the ones that truly need the support, paying the price.

      1. They told me.that me and hubby both couldnt be on odsp..So find out different..ot was a 400 dollar a month difference × 10 yrs…

        1. Most do fake it , I’ve posted , I have cancer and j xant wait to get well enough to work part time , all over on ODSP Daz ppl are getting so high and drunk , I am lucky , even though im terrified , that they give it to me ! Ppl whine like it’s owed , it’s a PRIVILEGE!!!!!

      2. my spouse passway yr away and he raise my daughter his she got a lump but they didnt tell me that .they told me this yr that wasnt mine it was her and im old enough now to get but bk then i was in my 20s now im in my 40 so but my daughter money im paying all that back to the cpp it sucks and i told them i didnt want it even this time ..so they said if i didnt take it i could get cutt off my odsp grrr

      3. I agree am 100% deaf in one ear slowly going deaf in the other an am on constant pain with my spine is coming apart my one hip is slowly going just a sliver holding my hip area an tailbone together in my left side so all the pressure is leading to much pressure on my right hip etc am 50 now I been dealing with this since I was like 3 yrs old had a stroke at 6 became deaf in right ear have speech problem. I will be in a wheelchair in the next few years.i get $496 for my rent here in Kingston Ontario for a one bedroom it’s over a $1000 or more an my personal half of my ODSP is $650 due to special diet is in cluded so if my rent is lets say $1050 or $1100 that dnt leave me much for food or hydro if I had to pay hydro me an my older daughter pay $500 each for a basement of my friends house we have no bedroom of our own no door for the basement it’s all open cause we either can’t afford a 1 BDRM for us to have our own apartment we have to find a 2 bedroom that’s not that much so we’re not spending all our money on rent an Doug Ford keeps changing it

    4. Ford cuts a 3% increase ($37/mth) for ODSP recip’s.
      Same day, he gives MPP’s who live outside Toronto a 33% increase in “Living Expenses” – from $2000/mth to $3000.
      They can already afford decent apartments with $2000 a month…. but ODSP recipients can barely afford to live in a basement.
      Later, he cuts grants for the poorest students, and gives a 10% cut to the richest- which HIS kids fall into- yet he blames the poorest students for being poor.
      There are more examples, but I don’t want to wast e my time explaining them all to someone who obviously doesn’t give a damn about the poorest people.

    5. Makes things pretty impossible to even get debts cleared up before moving on to balance things to see where you stand or sleep God have mercy on those who walk by with no donation of food, coffee/hot chocolate, or even a blanket

      1. Again, it is and still is a long process to even get on disability. Welfare has to take care of the person waiting who has applied. Do you think for a minute we like/ love what you say fringe benefits, for free, we get enough to barely pay for a room, our meds and we sit back and watch everything go up and up in price on uyone of you that think we are in it for a free ride of what?s and we worry where we will end up . Shame on as lol of you who think anything like that

      2. Complete bullshit. People on ODSP benefits having an income of approximately $12,000/year is living better than people who work? You’re a liar or a bigot or completely misinformed or all of the above.

        1. They’re the ones with a disability. Its called stupid. Nothing adds up to someone like that because THEY are the ones that wish they could have “something for nothing”

      3. How is living in poverty living better than people who work. You are totally classless, as are anyone who who thinks ODSP is living better. Enjoy your life you brain dead idiots

        1. Canada will not allow anyone who does not want to be homeless, be homeless. Go to the Y and use their services to help you.

      4. How many full time or even part time jobs are in Lindsay, Sue. So by your logic if it was, (and NEWSFLASH!!! , It isn’t logical ), there are as many jobs as there is population in Lindsay? Huh?
        Because it seems those who have jobs outside of Lindsay are the majority who can afford to drive there. Ie. Peterborough, or Toronto, or Oshawa.
        Most on ODSP or OW don’t have the luxury of being employed especially outside of Lindsay. That’s reality.
        So do we ship all the unemployed from smaller community towns and cities to the GTA metropolis where again the same unemployment problems will exist?

      5. How can some one on odsp live better then a person who works full time.
        Even at min wage they take home 1800 a month the person on odsp gets1100 so how does that work.
        Anyone complaining about people on odsp should try and live on 1100 a month

      6. really you say we live better, I am on ODSP cause if medical problems I wish I could work , and trust me I dont get that much I have rent hydro bills to pay plus food, You sit there and judge people for being on ODSP , well try living in our shoes, Until you do donèt sit and make comments like you just did, I live in a small town and rent here is like livjng in Toronto, 1 Bedrooms go for 900 a month 2 bedrooms 1100 a month and a 3 bedroom is 1250 a month plus you gas water and hydro I have a roommate and what we get between us just makes ends meat, Doug Ford is a twat waffle just like Justin Trudeau,,,

      7. Wow Louise…maybe you should investigate the facts before you fire out opinions. $12,000 a year; thats how much i receive annually on ODSP. I live in a basement apartment for $600/mth. Its a bachelor and very tiny. Its in a run down building and there is no way possible for me to move with rent rates skyrocketing. A neighbour moved out and the landlord is now charging $900 whereas the rent had been $650. This increase is completely legal which is why we need rent caps. NOW!

        Do you know these people who live better than those who work personally? Do you know their disabilities? Do you know how hard they fought to obtain ODSP? If you met me you’d probably think I’m fine and able to hold a full time job. My disability is invisible. I don’t need to prove my myself to you or explain my disability. I have one, and it is debilitating.

        Living in poverty is embarrassing, demoralizing, ostracizing, and there is no window to escape. No way to find a way out of poverty. I am reliant on a system that fails those living under the poverty line. I am grateful for what little I receive, I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds me but, I’m figuratively the dog under the table getting scraps and garbage.

        I get $100 a month for dental care, that means I have lost teeth because I can not get a root canal. And no, you can’t bank the unused allotment for a future visit. I can not get certain meds because they are not allowed on the drug benefit ODSP covers. I could go on and on and on.

        Please don’t blindly make assumptions that the majority of ppl on ODSP are lazy, scammers, drug addicts, or whatever else you deem we are. We are the poor. We are disabled. You think we want to live like this?

    6. Disabilities are not always visible and until you become a Dr. don’t judge. You nor I have any idea what someone with a disability looks like. It’s not easy getting a disability, there is a long procedure and not one but sometimes several Dr’s that determine who is and is not qualified for a disability!

    7. I’d like to know why so many people think you can fake having a disability lol. I was diagnosed 11 yrs ago with multiple sclerosis when I lost my sight, the ability to walk and limited movement in my arms. The paper work is extensive and must be accompanied by doctors notes, diagnosis and MRI results. Not only that my family had to fill out how they were helping me physically (my parents had to care for my 2 kids for 3 months while I was in extensive physical therapy) and I had to document how the steroid treatment and therapy was helping to improve my condition. And I was denied the first time. It’s not easy at ALL to get on ODSP. You have to prove EVERYTHING medically wrong. I also had to go back to Sick Kids hospital for records of spinal surgery I had 20 yrs before diagnosis to prove why therapy for the MS was so difficult. Maybe people should get their facts straight before running their mouths. I have a very obvious physical disability and was still intensely questioned. Not all disabilities are physical and not all physical disabilities are seeable.

      1. I totally agree with you dear. I have a partial amputation of the 5th meditorsal and the 5th meditorsal head. I had a worker who had applied for me. I recieved my 1st cheque 4 months later.

        I recieve 1200.
        Rent 815
        Insurance 115
        TV 165
        Cell 100
        Groceries 300
        Hydro 55
        Total l550

        This makes me $350.00 in the hole.
        This doesn’t include fuel for my truck.
        So Mr. Doug Ford…. Walk a month in my shoes. Live on the money I receive.
        He would starve or go hungry.
        I personally think…. Doug Ford couldn’t do it!!!!

        1. I totally agree with you. None of these politicians know what the struggle is like for us poor people because they were born with the silver spoon. They are so far out of touch with reality that it makes me want to laugh if I weren’t crying. We ODSP recipients need to join forces and refuse to accept this huge injustice of living far below the poverty line. We need politicians in there who come from just an average Canadian family not the ones who come from lives of extreme privilege. Do such people even exist?

          1. Janie, I couldn’t reply to your earlier post. Reading your post we have lot in common, and feel same way crying, loneliness , no quality of life passing time till the end. Anyhow I was drawn to your post and curious if you be interested speak privately maybe friendship support for one another?

    8. What kind of delusion you live in that you think people would intentionally live off less than enough for rent and food. Get your ego in check.

    9. Well Michelle, you obviously are misinformed when it comes to fraud. I am not on ODSP, so let me make that clear from the start. The actual number of fraud is about 3 per cent, not 40. You should really try to do some research before you state your uninformed opinion. Try facts.

      1. Like I said earlier, its people that make those claims who are the ones that want something for nothing. Let’s put them on welfare or disability and see how much complaining they do about ODSP’s “free” money

      2. michelle must be related to TRUMP…spewing out numbers you know absolutely nothing about….you look as stupid as he does lol

    10. If only you walked a day in the shoes of the people who have met eligibility for ODSP.

      IF ONLY you understood.

      Are you aware that in order to apply, you have to meet eligibility to apply criteria if you’re not already a recipient of another social support fund?

      Are you aware that applicants are often advised by various sources TO WAIVE THEIR RIGHT to include their own rendition of their situation because it often serves to cause them to be declined?

      What EXACTLY are you aware of? Have you even questioned how comprehensive your knowledge on the topic is?

      Here’s what I’ll tell you… You’d be wiser to get curious before critical. You can trust there are plenty more people out there who are genuinely deserving of compassion, over the small handful who’ve managed to con their way into the system for self serving and iligitimate reasons. For that greater majority, you’d be better off serving up the benefit of the doubt across the board … where you might be extending such to the minority you’re suspicious of, it’s far more advantageous to all than to unfairly serve your widespread suspicion onto the greater majority who often dream of having the powers and support to break free of the system.

      1. Ok then perhaps when something does happen to you and need assistance then come back less critical and judgemental. People such as yourself have no idea how these people live nor how hard it is to get ODSP to begin with. Guess when & if something happens to you you will soon learn.

    11. The stats around ODSP fraud have consistently shown that there is less of it among disability recipients than any other government service or entitlement. Literally disabled people are kept from being able to access services we need on the mknute possibikity we might be faking. Moreover we give up all entitlement to privacy kncluding having to give ODSP access to our bank records and so on. Its not enough to live on already. Many of us are in unsafe or insufficient or inaccessible housing situatikns cause we cant afford a damn apartment. This isnt a fraud issue this is an ableism issue. Stop trying to blame people just trying to stay alive and look at a system that keeps us intentionally desperate.

    12. This is deplorable that you would judge someone on disability, it’s none of our business what they do or are able to do or not. A person on disability is allowed to work if able but are penalized after earning $100, so their income is around $1100-1200/month. That being said there is a need of affordable housing so that a person on odsp can survive, however the wait list is about 8 years long. That being said the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is 1,500/ month. The numbers dont add up, do they. So before you attack people for scamming the government, just ask yourself how to help find a solution instead of being a part of the problem.

      1. There is al ton of fraud going on in both disability and ow. They need to start drug testing people regularly. That would stop a ton of this shit from going on . Ie supports drug addict and alchics as does disability. No not everyone . I do t drink or do drugs and I’m on assistance. Have no choice. Get people on ow to work for their money by picking garbage off roads or things like that.theybused to find jobs that needed filled in order to receive ow so why not bring it back?

    13. I know several people who are on ODSP, who are more than capable of working full time jobs but refuse to!! Those are the ones who should be disqualified from receiving ODSP!
      They stay on ODSP to get their prescriptions for free.

      1. You CAN’T get on ODSP if you’re perfectly able to work you fool. Its impossible. OMFG, if someone is on enough meds that they need ODSP to cover them, they obviously can’t afford the cost of living either and probably deserve to be on ODSP and are truly disabled….just like your brain

        1. I’m on ODSP but I don’t have a choice. I had a great job and wonderful friends then Cancer happen. I struggle everyday to pay my rent and bills. It’s no fun being on ODSP and having to watch every penny. How I wish things were different.

      2. You are truly a piece of work
        Are you speaking out of your ass? cause it sure sounds like it
        Melody what is fully capable of working mean anyways?
        Please let me know I am curious
        People they are considered disabled for a reason
        Many jobs now a days pay crap and job security is almost a thing of the past
        If there prescriptions cost a lot how do they pay once their employer cuts them lose.
        Most people cant work that much because its not allowed, Odsp loves to push people over the edge every time they get ahead.
        People should be able work and be left alone until they make 30 thousand, than make deductions
        totally different story but worth considering
        Sadly I was was on odsp since 1994, yes 26 years ( i know what I am talking about ) when it comes to the constant bullshit
        Once I was suspended nine times because my employer chose not too give me my pay stub on time back then i had to deliver it by hand.
        oh it was,
        eventually I had to go to the MPP to fight the Odsp to stop driving me crazy
        I used to report my income and then they told me they didn’t receive it because the clerk who makes 50 thousand dollars a year misplaced it
        no problem
        I will just tell my land lord I dont have the money he will understand it was so secure Yes I am being sacrastic
        one time back in the 90’s they gave me $200 to live off well lets just say they made a mistake but they struggled to the answer the phone and it was never fixed
        I have paid my dues fought hard to find an adequate job and did.
        However not everyone is lucky I would never judge what a person goes through and what they do to survive
        I will however judge the amount of money Odsp workers make and what all politicians make and just what they do for there money.
        granted their was some decent workers in odsp maybe their is a couple of good people in politics. H
        but lets face it Most Suck
        But some how Melody people like u dont care That your so called tax dollars pay for these lazy asses to do what???????????
        This is the the real problem not someone getting $1169 a month
        try it sometime.
        And while your at it tell all your close minded stigma circle friends to try to it too
        Then discuss if it would be worth being on and being a free loader while your doing it.
        Maybe you spend more time fixing your 80 thousand car or plan another 10 thousand trip to Hawaii your input is toxic

      3. Melody I whole hardly agree with your statement I gave up being self-employed which I was making an grand an week from operating 2 gas bars since after having to pay for my dental, prescriptions & glasses which was costing me about $250 an month just so I could not only maake at that time $930 an month but so I could get all those at the taxpayers expense. In the 90’s anyone who was on social assistance was forbidden from owning anything, I had to file bankruptcy so to rid myself of my house, my vehicle & anything else I had of value before even being considered to apply for ODSP!!! After having to appeal to STB I was granted ODSP just as you stated so I could get what I consider an GOLD PLATED MEDICAL BENEFIT PACKAGE!!! The 1 thing the government forgot to divulge was that anyone who was entitled to collect CPP-D benefits would penalized by having that income deducted dollar for dollar. My response was WTF, I quit being self-employed just to be able to use an taxpayer funded GOLD PLATED MEDICAL BENEFIT PACKAGE just so I could loose my CPP-D income. Fuck if I had of known that I would have not quit being self employed. Plus for the next 20 years my income stayed at $930.00 less my deducted CPP-D so in fact it was probably an fair deal, the low income less my being penalized for having worked for having an GOLD PLATED BENEFITED MEDICAL PACKAGE. In fact it wasn’t will 20 years later in 2003 that my monthly income of $930 slowly rose to $1169 over 15 years till 2018. So if ppl figure it out my income rose $239, break it down over 15 years, it increased to about just over 1% which is $15.93. Again which to ppl like yourself must consider an fair trade off since over the 25 years since I quit self-employed just so I could use the taxpayer GOLD PLATED MEDICAL BENEFIT PACKAGE all while over those 25 years everything must have increased what 1 to 2%. So I guess it ppl like yourself & other taxpayers look at the cuts HARRIS made to social assistance & to the cuts to HEALTH CARE to save taxpayers where happy to be saving $$$$. But I can’t believe your so concern about ppl needing to get free prescriptions when taxpayers should have been more concerned about making ppl health the number 1 priority. So now I’m sitting here LMFAO knowing what the PC & THERE SUPPORTERS have done has caused ppl lives so if I had my way, each & every 1 of HARRIS government & there supporters need to be charged with murder cause if it wasn’t for the CUTTING to HEALTH CARE Ontario probably would have been better prepared to save more lives, even the liberals & FORD needs to take responsibly for the deaths that have occured!!!!

    14. Just because u assume someone is scammimg the system dont mean they are just because some one does not appear to be disabled on the out sode does not mean they are not completely dosabled with a series of memtle problems if u assume someone is scammimg the system a d u have proof on ha d they can not proceed to scam if u call fraud hot line u sound like a very ignorant doscrimitive person just based on your statememt here bigtime as if u would rather a mass be out on the streeets starvimg and freezimg just because u assume thry are not disabled and scamimg indiviiduals

    15. I don’t think you know what you are talking about lady… it is a very long and hard process to even get on odsp which by no means is anything like winning the lottery …. and your physical and or mental disabilities have to be diagnosed by a doctor and or psychiatrist … which even then is not always accepted at face value which means more diagnosis … etc …. all for a yearly sum in which you are still very much in poverty struggling and juggling just to pay bills… buy groceries… and hopefully pay your rent …. get your facts straight lady before you make such accusations !

    16. Why don’t you stop getting all the free help for all the addicted people to drugs and stop hurting all the people that are trying to help them selves because people like u Doug have no worries when it comes to source of income, your being pretty shallow like the old saying rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, if the people have alot of money why don’t they pay extra to taxes and stop hurting people that can’t afford alot of things .

    17. It’s very hard to get on ODSP. Your doctor has to sign papers verifying your disability. Their license is on the line if they lie. It’s not possible to get ODSP and not be disabled.

      1. i was thinking the same thing ..no dr is going to risk their license for you and the fact is there has to be a long past history to your disability ..not just a few months or a year ..u can’t just wake up and say “i want to go on ODSP so i will say i have a disability “… u have to have medical facts and test and a doctor to swear that you r disabled and unable to work …

        1. Valarie, I agree with you 100%. Once you are on disability you have a review every 2 or 3 years to prove to them that you are disabled.

    18. take a look at the people that have worked all there life and get badly hurt and cant ever work again and they cant even get odsp what about them people my husband was a truck driver for 35 years got badly hurt on the job and he cant get anything he has to live on the little that odsp gives him on my odsp check and he is a diadetic to do you call that fare a person works all there life and cant get nothing so what does he do when the system has turned him down

    19. I don’t look like I have a disability should I be kicked off of it no, maybe stay in Ur lane and live your life have you seen the process to get on ODSP your doctor has to sign paperwork for you to even be considered, and even then you still get denied. My father who is legally blind and in a wheelchair who is unable to work has been denied and after 5 years he got accepted. Its not like Ontario Works where everyone can get it.

    20. I had to fight and fight and waste away with anorexia before I was granted my odsp. I agree there are some who should be revaluated because there is plenty they can do but want a free ride. But like another commenter said some illnesses are invisible. I can’t be at my max pain levels where I would rather be dead than suffer, just to show someone like it’s a new toy I got.
      I live in pain every waking moment and I felt guilty for so long and almost stopped fighting because I thought there were others worse off. But then I realised I am one of the worse off after half a decade of looking for a reason for my pain I had test done, and a competent doctor. After I actually went to a doctor and did my part I still was in the same position, unable to work and stuck living in my bed. I am 28 and have been struggling to get better so I can manage a life off odsp and now that rental rates are through the roof and everything is soaring in prices I am looking to live off the land. And because I am on odsp if I want to ever live a regular life.. All I can do is dream. So for those who CAN work, they should. But an average person with no actual Medical proof of there being a lack of disability… Your opinion seems close minded and terribly offensive. I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone, and judging people you know little to nothing about is unfair. No matter how much you think you know someone,you only know what you think you know.

    21. If I were you the items of what a person needs to live in dignity should be looked at. What a person needs to survive is:. Rent of an apartment that is not substandard basic rent of a one bedroom is $600 plus. Two access to money to pay electric bills, gas bills and phone or internet since you want these people to get jobs if a budget plan for hydro is $145/mo. Gas $68 to 100. Phone and cheap internet $100 give or take more or less. groceries can run up above $200 or more for veggies, meat, bread and dairy. But our government would rather we eat foodbank stuff which we know is not healthy. Let’s not forget transportation Mr Ford would rather a person use Bixi bikes or walk.
      Most people have to use employment places that are only open during the day using wifi requires paying for food or beverages during time spent there.
      People may say all of this are luxuries so that is why some of the people of lived experiences become homeless. I agree there should be procedures in place for those who cheat the system. For the most part the system is broken because there are no programs to help people get educated, or supports to be successful taken off the system into a decent paying work that is not precarious.
      I have seen ODSP workers struggle to help people on their caseloads while dealing with the 900 or more rules our government wants in place to catch the crooks working the system.
      So basically do the math. And stop poor bashing because you may be one paycheque or situation that will put you on the system.

    22. Brian Keith Gagnier is exactly that, not a thing physically wrong with him… Scammer
      Now he will take me to court with his new pill money every month that he sells so he can screw me for unjust enrichment for renting a room here at 314 Rd 34 west essex while he paid for NO food
      NARCISSIST he would scream at me to get his way
      He is 57 years old, I am not paying a bloody dime for him

    23. Hey douche canoe do you have a clue what is takes to be acceptable candidates for ODSP ..clearly not…may a thousand sand fleas infest your sack

    24. try it out live on 1200.00 dollars a month then tell me how odsp is so great when i got sick i was making an average of 25$ an hour working 10 hrs a day with 2 at time and a half i got accepted my first application most people have to spend 1 year at a min before then can apply and most times its not till the 3 time you have applied you get accepted and you can apply 1 time a year so tell me how did i benefit from odsp and how does the average person benefit o ya and if i was to make more than 300 $ i would lose money off my check if you look at me i would be the guy you would say why is he on odsp he dont look like he needs it but i assure i do and i would see any doctor you would like confident the doctor would a prove of me being on odsp

    25. You’re fuxking kidding right? Even though I legitimately have reasons to be on ODSP I was denied five times the first time I applied over and over again until I gave up. I was lucky to at the time have an aunt who was a judge where I lived (she has since passed). The only reason I got on is because she pushed to get me on it after I brought up being denied repeatedly even though I qualify to be on ODSP for my issues. And that was like 12 years ago. I can’t imagine it’s got any better for people. You’re an idiot.

    26. I think your a judgemental bitch and Hates poor people! guess what the majority of people on it needs to be and their doctor knows and has put the time into the the paper work to get them on it, it’s not like welfare you make an appointment and get a check that month, it takes months and plenty of drs appointments and exams to be accepted!

    27. unless you have been in situation your opinion unnecessary. It is pretty hard to get disability without having issues unless you are saying the doctors are scammers. It’s people like you that need to stop judging others Nd worry about yourself hopefully you never need it . But you never know what can happen in life maybe you will!!

    28. The queen make’s 365 million a month from tax payers money which is the same money people get on odsp or any other assistance .

    29. You really need to educate yoursrlf Michelle, maybe spend some time at a homeless shelter ? … to understand your comment was stupid , no one wants to live in poverty and hurtful, …. why comment at all, we have enough ppl like you running our country
      Thats the problem 🙁


        well I dont know if there related I dont care
        but her attitude and way of thinking sucks
        And people need to change
        And people like you Tammy and Myself have to strong
        Fight the good fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. There is a big problem with fraud. I believe that every one has a disability and every one has abilities. For over 30years I have been able to work. I have arthritis fybromielga devertilits ostrioprosis migraines depression over 30 operations broken both back and hip as well as most limbs and ribs and still managed

      1. I totally agree. Pretty much the same here although my disability occurred in 2012. No more 12 hour days doing construction and heavy work. I had to change my outlook and find other ways to work and i consider myself lucky to have been able to continue working and develop other skills from a chair!! I went through the beginnings of the application process for ODSP on advise from the doctors, mind you the doctors also wanted me to have back surgery. The whole deal got me scared and i quit seeing the doctor and stopped listening to all the bad advise. Ten years later, im still here, still functioning somewhat and still able to pull in 15-22k a year working,, which is a fraction of what i made doing construction years ago but also very happy i chose this direction instead of buying into the medical/government control system. Once you have the ODSP label attached firmly to your forehead, good luck finding anyone who will consider hiring you and good luck ever getting out of the trap.

    31. I myself is on disability I didn’t ask for the idiot to rearend me on main street with my mom in the car who passed away a year after this was in 2011 I have worked since I was 13 years old I had two jobs at all times then this happened because of an idiot that was in to much of a hurry I will be 60 next month I would give anything if people could go through the same pain I go through everyday but I totally agree that some people abuse the system but love to see Ford get rear ended by a school bus then we will see how fast he respects what we go through everyday

    32. The idea here is this. If you are well enough to work 450 hours during a fiscal year which is 6000 gross income (probably they use net income) then you are well enough to match what you make on odsp. So keep your job and stop collecting money you dont require from the government to survive. Truly sick and disabled people wont be able to work at all so this wont affect them and if they ar able they likely won’t be able to work more than 10 hours a week. Or at least they should not be as it would possibly effect their health and dr appointments. The only one this affects are the people who are lazy, liars who want get a hand out. 6000 plus full odsp is $20,000 / yr which can go a long way for someone who is ill but wants a little more for themselves if they are well enough to manage a part-time job. I have seen first hand how people manipulate even their doctors to get odsp. Lots of tears and complaining can be very affective tools to get what you want. Even acting suicidal can get you odsp so it really can be very simple for some people who make it their mission.

    33. Agreed I broke my neck 4 year’s ago and have been telling the doctors I haven’t been able to pyslicly work and they didn’t start looking at me till I started having metal break downs system fucked for people who can’t physical work due to an injury they only care if u have an metal Heath issues like depesion which is fucking bullshit I thought depesion all my life and never used it as an excuse to not work and when I have an injury and can’t pyslicly work for more than 4 months at an time doctors compley injore you the fucking system is bullshit the rules need to change for the people who can’t physical fucking work so they can get on depesion and axity is not an Fucking euse not to work every one get’s it in some point of life it’s an part of life give odsp to people who can’t physical hold down an job to an injury!!!!

    34. “….at least 40%”? I wouldn’t bet if I were you. Where did you get that number from? And what kind of disability makes a person elegible for ODSP according to your view?

    35. There are good apples and bad apples in every situation, the problem is BAD apples make it hard for the people who need the support and assistance, Michelle, just cause someone doesn’t Look disabled it doesn’t mean that they aren’t. I know a wonderful man doing his best to be ” as normal” as possible and I wouldn’t guess he had a disability If I didn’t take him home after 30 minutes out and about in crippling pain, bent over and unable to walk but I’ll be damned if he didn’t walk upright and ok for the first 29 minutes never guessing anything was wrong with him. You may see someone for 15 minutes everyday and they wear their brave mask and be “ok” for the time they see you, cause they don’t want to be judged by you… you don’t know the scars under someone’s clothes, or the history of someone’s life. Don’t judge anyone.. you don’t know there story…

    36. If they are on ODSP to scam the system trust me they are NOT going to go out and get a job!!! So your low opinion on people doesn’t really belong to this articles context.

    37. How exactly does one convince a doctor they are disabled anyway? Do you fake the xrays? Or the MRI’s? Do you trade urine with someone who is “truly” disabled to fool the doc’s? What a crock of crap. Do no confuse us with idle scammers who just want to get rich off the government. We are actually sick and unable to work. Should we just go away and die somewhere so you would feel better about government spending? Have you actually looked at what someone on ODSP gets to survive on a month? It’s a total joke. We get maybe 1.5 percent increase a year while the inflation rate is 4 percent a year. How am I getting rich? My apartment is allowed to raise my rent yearly that 4 percent. This year its 30 dollars/month because its a special year. But I don’t get anymore money. Where am I supposed to pull that money from? Which bill gets cancelled? The phone? My kids hot lunches from school? Shoes for that growing kid? How about a winter coat for him? For me? Exactly where do I get that from? My apartment is cheap. $1200 a month. The government gives me $800 to pay for it. Already I’m in the hole by $400 dollars.

      No one wants to be on government assistance. We don’t get “rich” on ODSP. We are the second last rung on the poverty scale. There is always lower to go. We could be homeless. There is no scamming a system here. To be on ODSP you have to have several doctors agree that you can’t work. It usually takes several years for a person to be accepted on ODSP. No one wants to be here. ODSP is Welfare for Cripples. We are the bottom of the pile. Shit rolls downhill. Try looking at the top of the pile for the abusers and cheats. The politicians who have no idea what the going rates for apartments is or the cost of food. Or the cost of the prescriptions that keep us alive. Or the cost of the assistive devices that let us take part in life. We just want to live. We don’t need to be rich, just be able to sleep at night not worrying about where the next meal for our children is coming from.

      1. My so-called family doctor, who I got stuck with after getting on ODSP, basically came right out and called me a thief last week, for asking him to fill out a form to cover medical travel.
        My caseworker refused to explain the forms, and when I asked questions, berated me for not understanding what I was supposed to do.
        Being stupid, and a thief, are labels these very privileged people get to put on me, while they earn a lot of money off my back.
        If I push back, they will just treat me worse.

    38. Before being on ODSP, I was Ontario Works four years. I was new to the city, and had many physical and mental health problems, all invisible. I was trying to work, making things to sell, which is near impossible on $700/mo, plus earning tiny amounts – all documented and allowed – meant huge anxiety of filing a lot of paperwork every month. When I met my neighbour, a real social progressive very high profile in town, the conversation was about social problems. This woman’s first words to me were: “you know what’s the worst? People who scam welfare.” She had no idea I was on welfare, trying to make an extra couple hundred a month so I didn’t have to use the food bank. I never said anything, but it got around town that I was on OW. Then nobody would buy anything from me because they all assumed I was cheating. One person bought things then asked for receipts a year later. There was a co-ordinated effort to get me for cheating. I made sure to always follow the rules. I gave the woman her receipts. She tried to get me for fraud. She failed. Now, on ODSP, people still see me as a cheater. Right now, I am out of food until Jan 31.

    39. My son gets ODSP. In order to qualify, a Dr. has to fill out extensive forms. There’s no scamming. My son is able to work for minimum wage part time. He rents a room for 525.00 per month. Apt rent here is 1200 for a one bedroom. He can’t afford it now. It will just get worse.

    40. The system is so bad . I can’t work. I want to work but I can’t. The way it is they won’t even let me have a spouse unless my spouse is willing to support me so on top of not being able to live a normal life …I’m currently homeless for two yrs now waiting for a low income housing I have to be alone and even more depressed and suicidal. It’s not my fault I can’t work

    41. +you have to be some kind of stupid too even think that people on odsp are scamers it takes years and many drs reports to get odsp you must be one of those assholes that think very dollar comes right out of your purse open your eyes and take a look most people wish they didnt need it it dont pay the bills it dont ever let you get ahead so why would you think they scam it like i said you got to be some kind of stupid

    42. Your a fckng idiot. Have u applied ? I knew someone with many physical disabilities who was denied and died 9 months later. Its NOT easy to get odsp. And who the fck r u to judge whwther someine is disabled or not??? Get the fck outta here wth ur bullshit comment.

    43. You do know a Dr needs to sign off that a person had a disability. Your own Dr has filled out these forms for patients. So either disability is harder to spot then you think or your Dr is a quack by your reasoning . Not to mention a nurse and Dr of the government needs to review your own Dr and agree , ya there’s alot of people being able to fool all that. Educate yourself and discuss with your Dr if he supports ODSP fraudsters . You might want to give up your family Dr.

    44. I also am in odsp i worked all my life until i became ill i worked for the lcbo for over 5 years and became ill do you think i like sitting around? Do you think i like not being able to do the things i once could to be living month to month trying to keep out on bills and put food in the table do you think my family enjoys suffering….do you think its easy for our minds to know this is it…..i suffer from dystonia and it is awful to wake everyday in pain…i would love to go to work but i can barely use my arms hands or legs but yes i get up everyday avoiding bill collecters and try to figure out what will be for dinner this day and next until i get what i guess people like you concider free money then to try to budget it so we have food for a month lights for night time and water to cook and bath and a roof over our heads ….sad for you to think its easy ..what is not easy is to think how much longer before we lose it all because things are becoming unaffordable

    45. What ever, really I guess we should scrutinize people that already get scrutinized enough> I think not Michelle. Be a trail blazer stop looking at who is scamming and realizing its the government that is scamming people. Always has been and always will be. People live off of nothing month in month out. While ODSP workers and levels of government make at least 6 x the amount a disabled person gets. Its attitudes like yours that dont help. Where did you get the number 40% anyways? Oobviously your a stuck up silver spoon waste of space. Do me a favor shut your mouth. support people or don’t. but think before you make such asinine comments. Or even better become disabled and then see just how hard it is to live. i am sure you wont be so eager to judge then.

    46. What ever, really I guess we should scrutinize people that already get scrutinized enough> I think not Michelle. Be a trail blazer stop looking at who is scamming and realizing its the government that is scamming people. Always has been and always will be. People live off of nothing month in month out. While ODSP workers and levels of government make at least 6 x the amount a disabled person gets. Its attitudes like yours that dont help. Where did you get the number 40% anyways? Oobviously your a stuck up silver spoon waste of space. Do me a favor shut your mouth. support people or don’t. but think before you make such asinine comments. Or even better become disabled and then see just how hard it is to live. i am sure you wont be so eager to judge then.

    47. My husband has 6 heart attacks, spinal injury and knee replacement. I am his caregiver and egnoring my health ended up sick and had 4 major surgeries in 4 years and due to complications left me disabled. There is no working for us, no other income. But we are grouped in this category with every one else. We don’t make it though a month financial. If we have a extra expense in a month I have to take it out of my food budget. We don’t spend money on anything unnecessary. Rent, utilities and food that is it. We can’t even cover that. We were both workaholics, raise our children all through working hard. But now we have been struck down with major health issues and are scrumptious food together by the end of the month. This was eye opening to me because I thought the disabled were taken care of but we are not. Meanwhile my neighbour is on ODSP because he kept getting fired because of anger issues with people in authority. They keep having children(5), doing their drugs. And for some reason they are always getting special money for different things from ODSP. We had my husband’s speciality diet for his heart cut do to changes, we pay for his low dose aspirin because it is not covered. I am not asking to be rich but I would like to make it through the month and just maybe once in a while enjoy a meal out. The system is messed but the cut effect the truly sick too.

      1. And I forgot to add, my husband with only the spinal cord injury at first we denied twice before getting it. And I was denied once and my doctor had 11 thing that are wrong with me, including crohn’s and colitis on the application. I am terrified that they will do away with it any any time and for us just getting a job is not an alternative

    48. This conversation is disturbing. ODSP, is not an easy handout. Illnesses need to be pretty chronic and in most cases, our health care system is not vast enough to allow appropriate treatments and support that would certainly improve an individual’s potential healing, improved comfort or recovery. Then you have the poverty factor on ODSP. Poor nutrition doesn’t help. Fresh healthy food is unaffordable. Physiotherapy inaccesable. The list goes on. It’s no life, no peach of a life and further contributes to “dis ease”. Work before healing is a asinine, a Pie in the Sky thought.

    49. Exactly I got hurt at work and cant anymore , trust me I d rather be working I enjoyed it but the scammers and low lifes make it so honest people get screwed . I m trying to raise 2 kids on my own , brutal.

    50. I have been on odsp for about 10 years now, I was born with Hydrocephalus, aka water on the brain, lazy eye , Epilepsy, I was rejected 4x by odsp before they finally got off their asses and gave me my assistance to survive. My mom doesn’t agree that I should be on disability but my dad does he sees the anxiety issues I have been through, I cant work I find it completely stressful to be in the workplace, believe me I have had several jobs filing for different places, I DID work at a McDonald’s for 3 lousy months before they let me go, when I told them that I was disabled they said that I should have said that in the first place and they would have kept me on . I called them bs.

      ***Not everyone in this world has a disability that is visible to the naked eye. **

    51. You sound like a big idiot with little to no intelligence and I would like to know where are your medical credentials because apparently you can tell when someone is faking an illness. Those ODSP recipients have it all I guess it’s so great to stay below the poverty line after all being disabled is so much fun. Your facts are baseless, your a conniving bitch you make up shit because you like to be heard on a subject you have no experience. You think the problem is a bunch of welfare checks being sent out to recipients. How about government employees who are being paid during this pandemic, and are at home “working” while the cashier at Dollarama makes minimum wage and is exposed to Covid19 serving stupid degenerates and wondering wether or not they will develop symptoms or worst pass on the virus to their families. They got a whopping 10% raise during this crisis to serve a moron buying a couple of chocolate bars and a Pepsi. Go fuck yourself and the horse you rode in on

    52. I totally agree with you when it comes to skimming or scamming a buck.
      I know at least 10 women that are on ODSP with kids and they are still complaining about getting cash for life.
      Example: single mom with 3 kids on odsp clears over $7,000 @ month and not a dime is taxable
      Now they get their monthly cheque plus $950 @ month per child for the child tax benefits
      Free prescriptions
      Free dental work
      Free eyewear and one of the scammer let’s call her Janet.
      There is absolutely nothing wrong with her she is plain lazy and spends her days smoking pot..
      To top it off ODSP use to keep the child support but now janet gets to keep the entire amount of child support so it’s another, $5,000 @ year
      Plus she has been working under the table for over 15 years.
      Welfare pays her rent and she scammed some more by telling her landlord that she is bad at paying bills so she requested that the hydro bill be included in her rent so she has not pay for hydro for 15 years
      Janet loves to wine and dine and she is a regular client at Red Lobster and the Keg
      So technically janet now clears over $94 ,000 @ year again tax free
      So that is a $150,000 job
      If you had a job and pay taxes.
      Then she ran up a $17,000 bill in credit card debts which she filed for bankruptcy and did not pay her debts either.
      Now her oldest child is now 18 years so no more child tax benefits but she manage to scam the system again and she got ODSP to give her $640 extra per month.
      The kid is not attending school so technically she should not be getting anymore money for that child anymore
      Over 18 years old
      No school
      No job
      She wants to be like her mother and stay home and scam some more
      Stop whining and scamming as the rest of us are supporting these deadbeats..
      All of the sudden her disability has gone away on its own due to losing the money for one of the kids so now she can work
      Imagine that..
      Odsp recipients should not receive $100,000 @ year on welfare
      I think $2,000 a month is sufficient so that way scammers would get off welfare in a heart beat and get a job
      Never mind it gets better while she is collecting odsp she wants to know if she apply for EI but she wants to keep the ODSP big fat cheque as well
      She wants both odsp and EI
      Time for welfare to hire some investigators and crack down on the fraud that she has been committing for almost 2 decades.
      It would be a very good investment for the government
      Stop that nonsense as welfare recipients want it all
      If you know anyone scamming welfare or odsp please provide me with the information and I will report them to the authorities.
      Thank you

    53. Nobody is able to scam the system. Getting approved for ODSP is a heavily vetted out process. Even some people with cancer are denied. What you are seeing is people with hidden disabilities. Eg. Mental illness, intellectual disabilities ect. Many people can work sometimes, maybe but if they are not functional month to month and can’t hold a job than they can’t pay rent. ODSP is like a safety net.

    54. OMG the number of documents they require doesn’t give anyone any room for deception regarding their applications. Gawd they even ask if you have any of GRANDMA’S JEWELRY, that you could sell.!!!

    55. You couldn’t be more correct about your statement. I have been legitimately disabled physically and mentally for 21 years of my adult life and in those years, I have seen so many people on disability that can do anything a completely fit person can do and I can’t tell you just how discouraging it is to watch these people doing things that you only wish you could do and it is definately not fair that these so-called disabled people are living off the system when they should be working and thriving! It’s these bad apples that ruin it for ligitimate people who are truly disabled and only dream about being capable of the smallest of tasks!

    56. The process to get on ODSP is very stringent these days. At one time people could fake their way onto it. Not anymore…..providing they have a decent doctor.


  2. I don’t believe there are too many scammers, however, I am sure there are a few. Scamming a system that pays minimal at best. Not every disability can be seen. There are some that are not well enough all of the time. They could work one month but maybe not the next. How do you think they can hold a job. Some people get very depressed and a lot of the time they look okay on the outside but not on the inside and struggle to concentrate. Anxiety is another unseen disability. So unless people are a doctor that can diagnose these illnesses, people shouldn’t talk. Myself I have worked hard for over 38 years. But I have had a family member that just could not work. Also a few friends. There is no wonder people don’t want to speak out as they will be judged and stigmatized. Thought we were past that in 2019.

    1. So true , hundreds if not thousands of illnesses noth mental and physical are invisible. My now adult daughter in her 30s not only has mental illnesses but physical. She did an essay in Grade 7 on Physical but Invisible Chronic Illness when she was 12. Born with a very rare lung disease dx at age 4, which affects ears sinuses, lungs and reproductive system, and very similar to Cystic Fibrosis. And then to find out she was born with only 1 kidney. We almost lost her a few times as well as her getting very sick at 3 mths to pertussis and Failure To Thrive. We were well known at our childrens Hospital for several yrs.

  3. Doug food needs to go.. Hes done nothing but wrecked the system all around… Not just for odsp. But schooling ect. For a man with only grade 8 of schooling. History of drug use like his brother. An look what happen there.. Ford dont care about anyone but him self an his own pockets. If it makes the rich richer then hes all game. An very good a hiding it.. Hes a [email protected]@*…. How about helping the ones that are on odsp instead of hurtting them in the end. This is a man that also took away from people that tried to better them selfs when the programe basic piolate income came out an then cut the it an shut it down. Why to put more money in his own pocket.. The programe had worked for years in the UK an even got people off wel far ect..

    1. I don’t always agree with politicians, however I don’t agree with lying and over exaggeration. Doug Ford did finish highschool quit Humber college and has not been caught with drugs. So stick to the facts

      1. No but his brother was a drug addict and his father was a murderer. He is in the position he is because of the old saying “it’s all in who you know and who ya blow.” Heavy on the blow. A man who doesn’t know the struggle of college debt, but can make decisions about it. Ya nothing wrong with that.

        1. rob is dead and what does he or his adddiction have to do with anything. addiction isnt racist affects all rich poor all sects all people. why talk about the dead?. addiction is illness not fun you are perfect at looking at others . look at you dont hate on guy thats dead and was ill. now his dad is killer. you re full of shit.

          1. I would think dealing with addiction first hand there would be at least a heartfelt compassion for the disadvantaged. Not evident in this (man) period as shown by cutting basic needs to line his own & cronies pockets. Doug comes across as a very resentful dangerous con

      2. Unless I missed it it didn’t say anything about this . what if you have a child when you’re on disability if you still go over 6000 they still take off the next year?

  4. I think ODSP has a very good system running right now. I myself suffer from several mental illnesses which I am on many different medications for. I was working 7 years ago and unfortunately my medication had stopped working for me after being on them for 11 years, the meds no longer had an effect on me. I got very sick and I could not focus on my work at all. I had to quit and ended up hospitalized. Luckily I had ODSP to lean on to help me through that difficult time. I was then put on several medications to test out which one would work best for me. Duing that trial, I experienced some serious side effects that prevented me from working. This new plan than Ford had in mind is a horrible idea.

    1. Considering they don’t give you enough money to pay for BOTH rent and food, I’d say the system is Fucked

  5. I don’t understand why a person that is working can’t have the option to report monthly. Why is that so hard? Oh right. Can’t over work they case workers can we?

  6. What really pisses me off is I am disabled and get 63 dollars a month that’s right 63 dollars. My husband is retired and only gets old age and cpp .Now we all know that you dont get much from them either ,some were around 1600 a month but everytime they give him a raise they take it from me because it akseeding the level of odsp. That’s were my odsp comes into play at 63 dollars . The money these ageing people get is for them for there pensions . It is not ment to care for a family . So where will my family and I suppose to go . The street that’s where .

    1. I totally agree with u. If i didnt have my CPP disability income , my income from ODSP is $8.00 but im turning 65 end of mth so will get my seniors pension p,us CPP old age next mo th. However if i had any family members living with me, id be in your shoes. So i feel for you hon.

  7. This is nonsense we have a bunch of no minds running our government. I my self am 34 years old. I had my first hip operation then I was 9 years old another at 11 and another full hip replacement steel on steel system at 21 years old. And to top it all off that 7 something wouldn’t even cover my rent when it is $850 a month and I’ll be dammed if I’m going to give up my home just to make you fake leaders feel better about your selves. No good will come from this you think pepole kill people now , wait till this all takes affect , it will be the start of world war 3 I can see it comming

  8. This is just disgusting. What about recipients who only live off of ODSP as they honestly cannot have a job.? This person makes approximately $15,600.00 per year. Is the government planning to take their deduction off of this and then do it monthly. These people will have to live on the streets. Is Doug Ford insane? People, we have to do something to stop this……..


    2. Doug and his Govt is insane. Dont know where they r getting their ideas or figures from. They have no idea whstsoever what it is like to live in our shoes.

  9. When someone mentions disability scamming. I’m sure some may slip through. But for those who have a physical or mental disability certainly they need help in filling out their applications. And need personal supporters to express themselves properly at meetings or fill out forms that suspended their benifits, because there are 3 paycheques twice a year in a month when you’re paid b biweekly. People should educate themselves before writing. Here’s to support all that are getting a raw deal and not being helped to have a better life.

  10. I’m on ODSP and although i have been diagnosed with over a %25 Permanent injury by WSIB; WSIB will not support me, so i applied and ended up on ODSP. I met all 3 categories (only 1 is needed) to be eligible for ODSP I have received no treatment for my injury and every job i’ve tried has left me more injured either after a few hours or days.

    Anyone who was turned down or denied from WSIB has gone to ODSP just to stay afloat. if it was not for ODSP my family would of lost everything. Many people are in the exact same boat. We should be on WSIB and the employers should be paying, NOT ODSP and the tax payers paying.

    The government should look to the start of a lot of peoples problems. Did you know that if WSIB accepts an injured worker collecting ODSP, all the money they received from ODSP gets payed back. Some people already on low income have learned that they can actually earn more from ODSP then WSIB so why fight to change it; they think. I myself am going on years of fighting with WSIB and i wont stop till its resolved.

  11. If I plug in the numbers I see that the break-even point in annual earnings before and after the change happens when someone is working to earn $1,100 a month, for an annual income including working income and ODSP of $19,800. For someone earning more, their annual income will be a little less in future years, and for anyone earning less their annual income will be a little higher. It seems this IS in fact a redistribution of the wealth from the higher income earners to the lower income earners. I would have to assume the net dollar amount paid out is expected to be lower in order to justify the changes, but I don’t disagree with this logic as others seem to. Does seeing the numbers change anyone’s perspective?

    1. Your math is messed up.

      $6000 per YEAR is the break-even point. At your $1100 per month, you don’t get through the end of June.

      Try reading the article…

    1. Fought for years while WSIB and ODSP argued over who should be paying benefits…(no argument over being disabled, just over ‘whose problem it was’) I am thankful to recieve OFSP finally…but it is living below the poverty line, with no hope of ever climbing out of poverty, no savings, no celebrating holidays, no vacations, etc. If you think this is a dignified way to live one’s life, you are sadly mistaken. Politicians have no concept of just how hard it is to live on what Disability pays, as they are usually in the hundred-thousand-or-more a year income bracket. The things they take for granted are a daily struggle for those receiving benefits. I have lived with the stigma of being in poverty and with people looking down on me and my family for having to accept benefits to live. There is nothing glamorous or fun about having to live this way…Ford should have to try to survive on ODSP benefits before deciding to make things worse for all of us in this situation by cutting already inadequate funding.

        1. I tried for 12 years to get ODSP and when I finally got it I was so relieved….I am not able to work and haven’t been able to in more than 20 years…… Doug Ford should try living in what we get for 6 months and see how he likes it

  12. The messages are not clear. They just creating lots of fear and anxiety in people that are already vulnerable. My family will lose $400 in november and another $500 in January. Are you telling me that after that in 2021 we wont get any odsp??? M paying taxes. Odsp class back 50%. Ccb class back some more. Gst/gst and trillium stopped. Why get a full time job? Not worth it. But without it odsp is not enough. So they dont encourage… they force.

  13. I would like to know what happens with my husband and I. He lost his eyesight and cant work, and I have been going through my own health issues like cancer,anxiety and depression. Ford needs out

  14. I have worked full time from age 17 to 45..at 45 yrs of age i ended up..very suddenly..with a spinal disease that prevents me from standing/walking more than 3 min at a time…sitting and lying down is also riddled with pain…contrary to what alot of people or politicians think we are not all looking for a free ride on the “gravy train”…i would much rather be working and earning a decent living…on the ODSP gravy train i get $758 per month as a single person…yup, i’m sure living the high life!!…they (the government) prefer to keep us “low life’s” in complete poverty…like the working class I still have the same bills to pay as everybody else…yes, i have a car that i bought when i was working ..car insurance still has to be paid, groceries, phone, cable, internet (the only thing that keeps me connected to the outside world)..i also have to pay for my own spinal treatments and medications…ODSP won’t try to help you get better and return to work…does this sound like the kind of life anyone would wish for?? It’s sure not what I had planned for my life…I hope this may clear up a few misconceptions of the life we live on ODSP……

    1. Your story sounds a lot like mine. My husband and I Were business owners. We both fell ill about the same time. He with severe diabetes that affected him both physically and mentally. I, had back problems that sound similar to yours. I can’t stand or walk for more than 3 minutes with excruciating pain. I can not stand straight. I’ve gone through several treatments to no avail. I would like to work but it’s not possible. I’m older than my husband and receive my OAS pension. Before that it was ODSP. My husband is on ODSP now. We take advantage of the travelling expenses allowed and because I’m under my husband’s ODSP I have certain medications and glasses covered til he turns 65. It’s difficult. We have two children who we adopted who are mentally handicapped and we all live in the same building made into four apartments. We pay rent individually and try to help each other out. Yes a couple hundred dollars a month would help but who can work to make this extra? All our clothes are second hand, furniture too. We cut corners where we shouldn’t. Lights out after 7. Laundry done in a dim light. It would be nice to have a decent roast or steak once in awhile. Desserts and fruits a rarity. Medication plus rent and basic shelter costs take up the bulk of our pensions. No holidays for us. The equality program that was shut down would certainly have made my days a little brighter and give me something more to look forward to. I can’t work at all so nothing is out there for me.

  15. I know I’m going to hit a Hot Topic here, but Most People “DON’T Know Why” the governments are Doing This! Mr Trudeau vowed that he would be bringing More Than 1 to 2 Million Refugees into Canada to live! Given that Canada has had to “Swallow This – With No Exception”, the Enormous Cost of this has to come from Somewhere?? The Government is (taking money away) from the people who Actually Need it to Live – to give to these people that really (DON’T Belong here) anyway?! Also, just another F U moment to the rest of Canada, Trudeau has granted (His Home Country of Quebec, Immunity) from having to take Any of these refugees that he is (FORCING UPON CANADIANS)!! Quebec should Burn For This! Along with the F’d Up Trudeau!! Quebec was in the past – Going to Desperate from Canada, why in the Hell Didn’t They?!?!?!? I Do Not consider Trudeau a man of Canada, he is Looking Out for the well being of his Own Country – Québec! He should Not have anything to do with (OUR Canadian Government), he Does Not Care what happens to Our People, he only takes and takes for His Own Misfits (Quebecers)!! My rent is slated to go up 30% Jan 1/2020, which will add an additional $251.10 to my already $85 monthly Plus paying my own hydro! My rent for Jan 1/2020 will now be $336.10 Plus my Own hydro at $120 per month! And if they plan to take $300+ off of our ODSP cheques come Jan/2020, then I will have $29 left for food each month!! These Sons Of B*tches are worried more about themselves and these refugees (from Other Countries), that might I add – DON’T belong here in the firswt place! How about the people in the Government take a Hit for these people, if they want to just force these people on what is now a (Struggling Economy) ever since Trudeau started bringing in 333,000 a month of refugees – but he has stated (His Home Country is **Exempt ** from having to take Any of them!! This really pisses me off, (his country is Exempt…. Really!! Why, is he too good for them)?? Just makes me sick is all. And yes I’m on ODSP because of M.D. (Muscular Distrophy, I can’t walk I’ve been in a wheelchair for close to 8 years. I also suffer from an acute form of PTSD, anxiety and sleep apnea. For the past year, I’ve been experiencing very noticeable memory loss (from my psw worker, missed appt’s, not recognizing people, I should know (my son) etc. My family has struggled with “early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease” for years. My father died of it about 16 years ago, My older brother now has it at age 56 and I’m 52. My middle older brother is 54, but we don’t talk as much. If I could choose to NOT be on ODSP – I would, because at just a few dollars more than $9000.00 a year – you basically Starve – but with a (Roof) over your head. Government Needs to put a Cap on Hydro, and how much they can Charge, otherwise Hydro can charge whatever they want. There has to be some kind of “Rent Control” too, I mean I realize that as years go by there has t be some increase, but 30%, that is just (Unexceptable) really!! The ODSP cheque (Will Not Go Up To Cover This) – so what happens next…..A CIVIL WAR!! As people just DON’T have any other Choice!

    1. justin trudeau is primeminister and odsp was shit before and is still shit. even if he was not loeader odsp was still not gonna go up. he won elction and canada is country of immigrants, 1 or 2 million people coming here to canada from where and thats alie. odsp has nothing to do with immigartion . its separate and comment was racist and bad. igfnornat too. its immigarnt country here. im on odsp too.

      1. your are totally wrong as i have a friend who works in the medical field an see people every day that are immigrants an refugee status, an herself being a immigrant who caMe an entire family works hard, she herself is disgusted with what she is seeing, immigrants from several countries russia , syria etc,, tons of their family member on odsp for no reason other then minor issues such as a hearing loss,, the government is hiding what they are doing, an butt loads of money are being handed out to these people an every single one of then live in decent homes. Show me one, just one refugee that lives in the poorest areas of a city. To all you dumb no brained people who think ya know all,, your friggen blind, an have no real clue of what is actually happening in this country. Second of all there is no scamming odsp, you are declared by the so called medical practitioners an specialist of the country of Canada, so if there is scamming then place the blame where the blame should be, an that would be lieing ass moron doctors scamming help for their friends. It never amazes me to see the ignorant s of so many people , the know it all’s who think they got it all figured out, when in fact you know nothing, yet sit behind a keyboard acting holyier then thou. Very typical of the people in this country today,, all talkin out the side of their faces with no facts or even knowledge of what is actually happening around then. Here’s a piece of info for all you know everything fools, tons of these immigrants are filing separations from their spouses so they can claim more benifits , an are being allowed to continue to live in the same homes together. The city of Toronto has litterally thousands doing this. an the only reason my friend is not reporting this is because it will cost them their job, an nobody should have to risk their job because our government is screwing the people. 1169 dollars a month is not enough for anyone to live anywhere in this country, an i challenge any of you to try it, so sit there in you chair behind a keyboard an act all nobel an claim people are scamming to get odsp when in fact it is impossible to scam it unless the doctor etc is helping the scam. Wake up morons

      2. Justin has nothing to do with setting odsp rates. Bringing immigrants into the conversation and scapegoating them only divides us further and takes us away from the fact that the ow and odsp rates never kept up with actually kept up with the costs of living. (Done deliberately to discourage uptake) but has now lead to homelessness crisis and greater discrimination again ow and odsp recipients trying to get housing because rates are so low and market housing costs are so high! We should be talking about the thousands who should have been on odsp a long time ago but had to linger on ow because of the Harris rule changes and who finally got the odsp they deserved after $ was spent through court and tribunal hearings.

      3. Doug Ford is premier of Ontario Justin Trudeau has nothing to do with O.D.S.P which stands for Ontario disability support program which is ran by the government of Ontario not the federal government so get the facts straight. I’m not for him but no point in expecting the federal government to fix a provincial program each province has their own disability, health care and school programs ran by the province

    2. Let’s not forget that many of these refugees will be on ODSP because before they came here they were traumatized and will have some sort of mental illness or ptsd. Also they come here to make more babies because Canada is stupid to pay people every month just to have a baby. Let’s not forget who paid taxes in this country here and who didn’t. But only Canada would look after the those who never paid any taxes before those who did. That’s how messed up our government is. Funny I never see the politicians making sure everyone below him gets paid before he does or puts their children after other people’s kids are looked after. That’s what Canada is doing when they bring home outsiders. Don’t get me wrong I do believe in helping people but you have look after you first than others. Let’s not forget too that housing is a serious issue and it definitely worse more quickly after the influx of refugees. How else does a wait list for housing that was once 3 months become a 7 year wait list for those who have mental health issues.

    3. Rent is legally only allowed to go up 1.8% before December 31 2019 and 2.2% as of January 1st 2020 and only with the proper paperwork

  16. I am on ODSP and have read the article

    I am in a situation where I have barely any food in the apartment
    I have asked help from ODSP and my social worker told me that I am able to live on 150.00 a month which is what I have left after my rent is paid and my phone bill
    Now Dough Ford is trying to take away the small amount we could make a month if we could work
    Why are we being targeted, Those on Welfare can work but the do not want to. I have seen both side of the coin where people on ODSP/Welfare do so that they can survive. I was a working person who loved to work but my life changed and now I cannot work and have trouble walking so who would hire me. I am stuck with the system where the case workers run your life, go into every account, tell people to use my phone, and intercept my emails.
    I am not lying on that matter it has been happening for the last 30 years, and no one wants to listen

    1. U r be8ng bullied by your caseworker. Nobody else can use your phone, or go into your emails, that is private. U need a new caseworker, ask for one. U r being harassed.

  17. Definitely consider that that you stаted.
    Your fɑvourite justification appeared to be on the internet the simplest factor to consіder of.
    Ι sаy to you, I definitely get annoyed at tһe same time as people think about issսes that they plainly do not realize about.

    Yoս managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as
    outlined out the whole thing with no need side effect
    , other folҝs could take a signal. Will likely be back to get
    morе. Thanks

  18. A lot of these people cannot live in shared accommodations… and all the “room for rents” are short term. a studio/bachelor apartment costs on average 900-1000 now in kingston…. rent some how shot up 200-300 dollars in less than 7 years.. whats up with that? hmm

  19. Rents in Ontario are completely out of touch with the needs of the people. It’s hard enough for a family with two working adults to afford a decent place to live; it’s much more difficult for someone on ODSP. There are far too few rental subsidies available for those who need them. This is a large part of the problem.

    To take away from people who are clinging to their homes by the skin of their teeth is criminal. Balancing the budget on the backs of those who can least afford it (disabled, seniors) is criminal. We have been saddled with politicians who care more for the bottom line than for their constituents. They have been a bunch of duplicitous, self-serving sons of bitches, and their behaviour is, if not criminal, at the very least, greatly lacking I compassion.

    The only way to achieve any kind change is to vote these guys out of office. Next election, attend town hall debates. Grill the candidates on their positions. Demand answers from candidates who knock on your door. Let them know that there is a segment of the voting community who is very angry at the treatment that it has received and will vote for the candidate who will best serve them.

    What to do in the meantime? Write to your MPP. Monthly, if necessary. Demand answers, and don’t take platitudes for those answers. Attend city council meetings wherever you live, and ask them what they’re doing to alleviate poverty in their jurisdictions. Remember that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Squeak, often and loudly.

  20. Yes there are people who milk it and scam I know people who are diagnosed with ADD that are perfectly capable of working but choose not too how they even got odsp is beyond me they can can clean their house and cook and do dairy things no problem but to not get a job and use that as a crutch to not have to work is ridiculous
    There are mentally disabled people that can hold jobs and are very good workers and hard workers so if they can work so can a lot of people the ADD or ADHD not all people in odsp do this but some do he’ll I have nerve damage anxiety arthritis Hiatal hernia I also had cervical cancer the list goes on and I’m able to go to work every damn day

  21. i myself am not on any assistance but know how hard it is for those that are, almost a year ago i invited a lady that is on assistance and living in a terrible place and very unsafe to move in with me and share the rent it has helped us both and i know she is safe now and not being mistreated by a slumlord that treated her like crap because he thought he had her over a barrel and had no place to go. it makes me sick that people are treated like this because of circumstances that are out of their control i am all for giving people enough money on assistance to live life and not have to panhandle on the streets just to get through every day. shame on you doug ford i would like to see you live like you are forcing people to and stile have that smile on you face. as i finish my comment just saying my boarder now has a nice place to live that she can afford and i have a very dear friend and all is good for both of us.

  22. Has anyone stopped to think that the people will end their lives if homelessness is the only option. This will be a disaster! People will go hungry not mention paying bills, no hydro no heat! What happens then. I’d like to see Fat Ford live on what I get a month! PUNISH THE POOR IS FAT FORDS PLATFORM

  23. I am sick of the punish the poor program to line his pockets, give raises to his political pals.Its wrong to crush people who are already under immense stress.

  24. your are totally wrong as i have a friend who works in the medical field an see people every day that are immigrants an refugee status, an herself being a immigrant who caMe an entire family works hard, she herself is disgusted with what she is seeing, immigrants from several countries russia , syria etc,, tons of their family member on odsp for no reason other then minor issues such as a hearing loss,, the government is hiding what they are doing, an butt loads of money are being handed out to these people an every single one of then live in decent homes. Show me one, just one refugee that lives in the poorest areas of a city. To all you dumb no brained people who think ya know all,, your friggen blind, an have no real clue of what is actually happening in this country. Second of all there is no scamming odsp, you are declared by the so called medical practitioners an specialist of the country of Canada, so if there is scamming then place the blame where the blame should be, an that would be lieing ass moron doctors scamming help for their friends. It never amazes me to see the ignorant s of so many people , the know it all’s who think they got it all figured out, when in fact you know nothing, yet sit behind a keyboard acting holyier then thou. Very typical of the people in this country today,, all talkin out the side of their faces with no facts or even knowledge of what is actually happening around then. Here’s a piece of info for all you know everything fools, tons of these immigrants are filing separations from their spouses so they can claim more benifits , an are being allowed to continue to live in the same homes together. The city of Toronto has litterally thousands doing this. an the only reason my friend is not reporting this is because it will cost them their job, an nobody should have to risk their job because our government is screwing the people. 1169 dollars a month is not enough for anyone to live anywhere in this country, an i challenge any of you to try it, so sit there in you chair behind a keyboard an act all nobel an claim people are scamming to get odsp when in fact it is impossible to scam it unless the doctor etc is helping the scam. Wake up morons

  25. This is crazy, people using ODSP is because they are disabled, some can work 3hrs a week and some more. Why change when it’s working. It’s not like they get a chance to get rich or something. So crazy. As for people bashing the ODSP, they don’t have a choice to deal with government legislation. It’s a program with rules, etc. You can’t fake a disability, there are far too many hoops to jump through. I would love too see those who judge so harshly try and manage to live on that kind of income.

  26. Coming from a person with a REAL disability and on ODSP

    My husband and I constantly struggle with everything even with him finally bringing in his own pay check, before he brought in a check we were just getting by on ODSP.
    I can understand both sides of everyones arguments because there are a lot of people out there that should not be on ODSP and it is those people who essentially make things bad for the rest of us.
    HELLO being an addict or ex addict just like alcoholics is not a disabillity IT WAS A CHOICE.
    And now Ford is screwing with ODSP more will be taken from us, all is lost.

  27. I couldn’t get past the poor spelling and grammar in this blog to actually comprehend what the hell the ‘writer’ is trying to say. I think more money should go towards education, this being a prime example!!

  28. i have worked for 40 years and i’m a single father. i had a couple of injury’s from work. found out the companys did not have workers comp. as they took it off our pay check’s but didn’t pay it to the government. they close and move to the states. being on o.d.s.p. i don’t get much at all mainly with a child. i pay market price. the government collected my E.I. all my working years and i only collected 2 cheques my whole 40 yrs of working . so why not give me back my money that i didn’t use. i guess ford whats me and my daughter to be sleeping on the street’s. i no so many people that voted for doug ford and they all say they ford just back stabbed every body. i can see the CRIME RATE going way up if you thing we have a problem now with crime lets see what happens in 2020. may be the people should do some protesting and sleep in tents in fords front and back yard. i really hope that we have a up rise with the people . just like what’s going on in hong kong. we need it badly. the people on o.d.s.p. do not get any thing extra for christmas we have to do what we have to do. …. rise people for you and your childs future .

  29. So, 2020 everything will be somewhat awesome, but 2021 everyone is pretty much going to die in the streets. Or if you have an awesome job in 2020, but then lose it in 2021, you have nothing, there’s no support you can seek. Like, some people try to save up for say, a car, get the money, buy a car. But then 2021 rolls around, and I guess you can’t ever save up and buy anything, you just have to hoard it in case your ODSP gets cut off.

  30. What the author has written does not encourage anyone to go forward. He/She is a negative person!
    You cannot pay less that the minimum wage which is $14.00 per hour furthermore, where do you get your information from?

  31. ODSP in January 2020: N ew ODSP earned income rules will begin on January 1, 2020, and will consider income on an annual rather than monthly basis (although income may still have to be reported on a monthly basis). ODSP recipients will be able to keep the first $6,000 of net annual earned income without any impact on the amount of assistance they receive. The remaining net income will be reduced by allowable childcare and disability-related employment expenses, and then 75% of the remaining amount will be deducted from their ODSP assistance. We do not know yet how the reporting or calculations will be done. It is not clear how the earnings of spouses/partners or dependent adults of ODSP recipients will be treated

  32. I make 6000 a year so am I getting a deal?? I am more evil than Doug Ford this time?? I hope so…he can’t touch me…screw you Ford…since I’m in low income housing I will be okay…I hope..can someone elaborate please..

  33. Doug Ford played us Ontarians like a fiddle. He got voted in based on what he was going to do for us…in reality he is pulling as much as he can away from the less fortunate to give to the rich.

  34. I think alot of words and nothing is being said. Fear, blame, frustration, anger even gratitude….however a change in attitude on all parts may allow a voice to be heard, changes then made…who knows…

  35. ODSP isnt free money. Taxes for over 45 years have been paid into ODSP benefits. So how can it be free money? Please people no one should be judging anyone in this world …. high brackets low income brackets we all pay taxes….when your healthy physically or mentally thank the lord or universe for that… your not in my shoes. So trash talking of ODSP recipients are horrible.

  36. Scamming for pennies what’s the point, I sat on OW for 3 years waiting to be approved for ODSP, had 2 doctors, a social worker and a lawyer on my side and still got declined, went to court and got no where, they don’t care what a doctor says they are supposed to say no to anyone who apply. I re applied and low and behold got denied again then by some miracle or they figured I wasn’t going anywhere I got approved 3.5 years later, oh and the back pay goes to OW for paying me and what’s left goes to your lawyer fees, now I won $1100 per month whoo fu$*@#ing hoo I’m doing great living life now cough cough. Just for the record I look “Normal” lmfaro I can walk lift talk see hear am I a scammer?? F**k you ignorant people who don’t know sh*t I suffer every damn day with anxiety and depression too afraid of leaving my apartment and too lost in depressive thoughts to even get out of bed some mornings, you better believe I worked my whole life, I’m only 31 but I’ve worked since I was 12 got my 1st full time job on a farm got older went to industrial, was even a supervisor at 1 point, yea I just decided 1 day meh I’m going to ditch my 54,000 per year job to make 13,200 per year educate yourself you sh*t talking wastes of skin, everyone else on here on disability going through the same thing, I hear you and I’m sorry I can even admit I too was ignorant of you once, sometimes you have to live in the shoes to know what it’s like. I wouldn’t wish anxiety on anyone because I have it pretty bad and it’s terrible but I would slash 75% of you or Doug’s income monthly to give you an idea of life

  37. Really sad, we adopted a young man with a disability, he has worked since he was sixteen. He is a car detailer. He receives ODSP but claims his employment. Evan though he was born with a disability, we he has worked and loves working. People with disabilities can work. Doug Ford is making it harder for our young man to make ends meet. The small amount he got from ODSP unfortunatly will probably go away. SAD for this young man and his future.

  38. I totally agree. I would rather be out working then dealing with the demons in my head and the depression I face everyday. I have been dealing with these problems my whole life and just now got excepted. I was without income for almost 2 years relying on my wife’s minimum wage job. Working her ass off to try to keep our family of seven going. I have multiple drs. All diagnos the same thing. It’s a unseen illness that I can stand there with you and you would never know there was something wrong. But behind closed doors I have tried to kill myself multiple time by cutting, driving my car into a tree taking pills and alcoholism. I have been clean and sober since August of last year. But I take a multiple of pills just to get myself out of bed to try to accomplish something around the house. I seclude myself in my house daily cause I can’t handle being around people. Even my own family at times. I’m no scammer. But if you saw me on the street you would never know except for the look on my face at all times.

  39. yes…those of us on ODSP LOVE living BELOW the poverty line….struggling every day to put food on the table, picking between which bills we can pay and which ones we have to put off and HOPE they dont cut it before we can make the next payment….telling our child(ren) they cant go on vacation because we cant afford food most times let alone “vaca” telling our child(ren) they can only have 1 friend for a birthday party because we cant afford to spend a lavish amount on food and such for one day, crying in your pillow every night because your not sure if tomorrow will be “ok” food and bills wise, crying in your pillow at night because your still hungry because you havent eaten a “proper meal” in 3 days because its close to the end of the month and there is only enough food for your child to eat 3 good meals per day…..YES….living on disability is THE dream of all dreams and what everyone should stride toward because it is such an amazing life to live…..every….single….day

  40. I would like you all to ask yourself a question. What is your life worth?

    The following video explanation describes how central banks in every country create ALL money in circulation out of thin air. Whether it is a loan to the government or a loan to a citizen, ALL money is created from nothing, is backed by nothing, and even has interest charged on top of it.


    To answer the question I posed above, ALL our lives are worth LESS than typing a few numbers on a keyboard and hitting enter. I say that because the process of creating money in Canada (as well as every country) is automated. It doesn’t even require someone to type numbers on a keyboard.

    In Canada, our central bank is the Bank of Canada and is a fractional reserve system just like the Federal Reserve in the U.S. The only difference is the Bank of Canada is a Crown Corporation, which means it is partially owned by the government of Canada. This means the government could borrow money at very low interest rates, however over 50% of government borrowing is done through foreign banks at high interest costs. That keeps YOU the taxpayer paying more money toward the national debt.

    Funny how NOBODY talks about this. In fact, most people have no idea this is how all our money is created.

    To quote Henry Ford in 1934:

    “If the American people and people of the world knew how our banking system really operated, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

    I’m not expecting a revolution. I’ve been teaching about this for 25 years and in that time I’ve learned one universal truth. People don’t give a sh*t about each other.

    A film in case you are interested in a different solution for the future:


    “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” – Native Indian Proverb

  41. It is sad to see so many comments about ODSP recipients being unworthy or worse , partly because of the profound ignorance it demonstrates about the ‘safety-net’ but mostly because of the way people have been fooled into thinking that the economic problems we face as individuals and as a society are due to the poor / disabled / immigrant / “other” running some kind of a “scam”.

    When so few have all the money and all the power, why, when they tell you that the problem is “those people” the people with no money and no power, can you not see that you are being played for a fool? Did you ever think to ask why they should have ever more ways to avoid paying taxes, or why their incomes always rise while the rest of us struggle to get by? I doubt it, and so do they. Divided we will all fall down – I sincerely hope you never need any help, but at the same time I hope that if you do, it still exists when you are in need.

  42. I am on CPP disability and ODSP. I am 62 yrs old. When I was working as a supervisor I was putting in up to 60 hrs a week. I can’t work anymore because I have COPD. No, it doesn’t show, until I have to walk up a flight of stairs or more than a block. If I could work, I would. I challenge all you naysayers to walk, sit, work, whatever while breathing through a straw all day. I used to jog, play hockey, ride bikes, run and play with my grand kids. Now I am winded by putting on my socks. I would trade anything, even sell my damn soul to be able to do what I used to. I am slowly dying and can’t do anything about it. There is no cure. As for ripping off the system……..maybe I am because I’m not paying taxes any more on my 70k job that I don’t have. I used to pay more in taxes than what I’m bringing in now. Go on. Trade me places.

  43. Are you crazy? Live better than people who work??????
    Income for one single person is $1100 to $1900 depending on medical expenses…. and your not allowed to live with a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse at all, if you do, you are then kicked off and receive $0 dollars, and he or she is expected to support you fully. They don’t care if the spouse can support you or not. I would understand if the spouses income equalled the same as two full time minimum wage jobs. Then yes they have enough to support you, but they dont do it that way. Every dollar that is made by your spouse is substracted from your income. So they treat 2 individuals as one. And expect 2 people to live of $1100 to $1900 a month. Which is impossible considering our rental market… that will pay rent and thats about it. So tell me how one person living off $1100 or 2 people living off one income equals them living better than people who work ?????? People who work fulltime minimum wage make 1900 to 2100 a month Per person. 2 ppl equalling $4000 a month…. thats way more than what they live off. You need to learn to respect the disabilied community and understand what they go thru and the poverty they live in before you speak.

    1. Not everyone has someone living with them like me I can’t hardly pay my rent cause of rent increase every year we have to pay the rent increase out of the basic needs witch is 300 and out of the 300 we have to pay Bill’s out of that witch we hardly can buy food we dont get no 1,900 wish we did I’m single and have a hard time we need shelter cost to go up rent is not cheap out here and either is the bills the food rent increase every year we pay that out our own extra money we have left over that doesn’t include our Bill’s

  44. A lot of people who are physically or mentally challenged want to work but are afraid to because they may lose their only source of income. Instead train these people that can work in jobs that they can do. If these people can work full time at the jobs they were trained to do then they can get out of the system freeing up money that can be used to train other people and give more to those who totally can’t work. There may be those that can’t work full time so supplement their income and let them keep their benefits (prescriptions, dental etc). They will feel better about themselves and won’t be a drain on the health care system because of addictions, depression etc which is usually caused by low self esteem, worthlessness etc because they are not allowed to work as they will be penalized. A vicious circle.

  45. I think the name-calling and insults being thrown around in this thread are disgraceful. It is not possible to make a valid point when it is tainted by using cruel words and insults. Educate don’t humiliate.

  46. Clearly misinformed about how they calculate support. You have to submit your earnings each month and your ODSP cheque is based off that. If you don’t work in any given month you get a full cheque for the month you didn’t work. Poorly researched, and obviously clueless as to how the program works.

  47. My question is will this effect people who are disabled and can not walk like my mother who has spent over 30 years in a wheelchair and is unable to work due to severe pain?, If so this is a very unfair move Doug Ford she relies on ODSP to pay her bills in order to have a home and in order to get groceries. These cuts should come from people who are still able to walk and work. Not the people who “actually” are disabled and rely on ODSP to live. To those that can work. Get up and go to work, the jobs are there. Everyone always wants more money. Hell why can’t you just Be happy you can work and even have money in your pocket at all. Learn to manage your damn money. Don’t make rest of the people suffer for your own greed. This goes for everyone in general. Do odd jobs or something, the work is there. Go get it. Simple common sense.

    1. As per your comment “These cuts should come from people who are still able to walk and work.”
      Not every person that can walk is able to work, therefore, your comment is alittle judgemental and dare I say pretty damn rude of you to have said.

      The reason I say this is because not everyone on ODSP is unale to walk but a lot of us are unable to work
      because of neurological disorders, mental illness, severe chronic pain, and the list goes on, but you are right however, that a lot of people “scam” the system.

      So next time you write a comment like this think twice and or check your facts.

  48. i am on odsp for mental issues, that doesnt make me a scammer,
    or a drug addict,
    ppl on odsp went thru a year process to show that they need help
    everyone talks about ppl with autism, physical disabilities, learning issues
    depression, anxiety, panic attacks, some are socially unemployable
    for the few of us that try to hold a job part time we lose money but they
    give 100 bucks incentive for at least trying
    try living on 1169 when rent is 593 hydro is about 75 due to exorbitantly ridiculous
    delivery fees, and deficit reduction, then add in a water bill that starts at 110 before
    you flush a toilet or turn on a tap
    cell fone is a necessity, not a luxury, you need it to communicate in todays world
    as with internet, job search apt search etc
    then look at the cost of food, meat 5 to ten bucks a lb
    veggies etc are expensive
    it costs 1600 on average for a single person to live per month
    so those on odsp start at 500 below life costs
    seniors get guaranteed income supplement and its not enough
    for most cuz they have to pay for all medical and dental appts
    and costs of medications to be filled
    seriously for those that think odsp is a scam try it in your
    world and see how it is instead of categorizing us

  49. Yes I also want to say rent and living cost has gone up same for food and meat exspcialy Bill’s like phone, internet …I’m worried every year our rent goes up every year… cause they take out the rent increase out of our left over money witch isn’t much 300.00 a month rent increase comes out of our 300.00 so we have pay the increase every year out of our 300.00 every year then next year it will be 280.00 then next 260.00 and so on how are we going to buy food and pay for our extra Bill’s like phone out of that also when ….if rent goes up our check should go up cause pretty soon we will not have 280.00 we will be out on the street soon

  50. I have not received my Odsp payment for February yet, my worker told me it will hit my bank via direct deposit today Saturday feb 1st…. is she lying and will it come Monday? Or am I just over thinking… rent is due I’m so stressed out!

  51. I’ve been on ODSP since 2016 after a life time of chronic pain due to a genetic condition I didn’t even know I had until I changed family doctors I have pain everyday I wish I could work in 2017 I suffered a massive pulmonary embolism that almost killed me that has left me with more physical limitations and some neurological limitations as well I live with my daughter and grandson I get 1383 a month with special diet but my rent is 850 plus utilities so I get my cheque I’m pay rent and bills by a few groceries and within 2 days I’m broke I can’t afford my own place I’m living below the poverty line with no hope in sight I had to fight for 2 years to collect all the medical information ect required to even apply scamming the system will happen regardless as scammers always figure out a way to scam don’t paint us all with the same brush life is already unfair

  52. If this government tryed to live on even minimum wage and.try to rent a.place to live
    They would starve I dont remember the last time my wife and I where able to take vacation cause rents are about 85 to 90 percent of our income so think of what people on ow or odsp are living like if you cant walk the walk shut your dam month until you have walked a mile in there shoes when you get employers that only want to pay under the table so they dont have to pay minimum wage and there part of taxes
    TRY FINDING THEM and then blame the people on ow.and odsp

  53. I’m really worried cause I’m on odsp single been at my apt for 5 years first played 630.00 ….and now I pay 750.00a month soon to be homeless cause rent keeps going up and can’t work at all and I’m paying my rent increase out of what left over with is 290.00 left for food…my Bill’s like phone internet so buy the time in pay cell phone and internet I’m left with 120.00 a month plus increase of rent…shelter cost should go up ……and not out of out of our baisic needs cause that’s what I’m doing …..rent goes up every year we need shelter cost to go up when rent goes up ….or I’m going to homeless…..and low income housingn has a really big waiting list and not enough low income homes to live in brantford ont…..that’s what’s happening in brantford shelter cost has to go up…food up.rent up ….we are going to be homeless …..I talk to odsp in brantford about my rent going up every year they said me sorry but ur shelter cost is 700.000 u will have to pay ur rent increase from ur basic needs or get a roommate she said wow I couldn’t believe it I’m in a 1 bedroom apt it’s small….wow I’m shocked I want to do something about this but dont know where to start…or how too …my name is Charlotte desousa brantford ont …and im going to be homeless soon cause of the shelter cost dont go up when rent goes up …if I leave this apt every other place start at 900.00 a month for rent or 1,000 for rent that’s for 1 bedroom u can’t even get a room for no lower then 800.00 or more and that’s a room and even if u pay that rent increase every year where are we going to find the money for the increase of rent …my building is only the cheapest building for rent but rent is going up every year ….shelter cost for rent with rent increase shelter should go up when u get rent increase every year …please help us 😂

  54. I totally agree with you when it comes to skimming or scamming a buck.
    I know at least 10 women that are on ODSP with kids and they are still complaining about getting cash for life.
    Example: single mom with 3 kids on odsp clears over $7,000 @ month and not a dime is taxable
    Now they get their monthly cheque plus $950 @ month per child for the child tax benefits
    Free prescriptions
    Free dental work
    Free eyewear and one of the scammer let’s call her Janet.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with her she is plain lazy and spends her days smoking pot..
    To top it off ODSP use to keep the child support but now janet gets to keep the entire amount of child support so it’s another, $5,000 @ year
    Plus she has been working under the table for over 15 years.
    Welfare pays her rent and she scammed some more by telling her landlord that she is bad at paying bills so she requested that the hydro bill be included in her rent so she has not pay for hydro for 15 years
    Janet loves to wine and dine and she is a regular client at Red Lobster and the Keg
    So technically janet now clears over $94 ,000 @ year again tax free
    So that is a $150,000 job
    If you had a job and pay taxes.
    Then she ran up a $17,000 bill in credit card debts which she filed for bankruptcy and did not pay her debts either.
    Now her oldest child is now 18 years so no more child tax benefits but she manage to scam the system again and she got ODSP to give her $640 extra per month.
    The kid is not attending school so technically she should not be getting anymore money for that child anymore
    Over 18 years old
    No school
    No job
    She wants to be like her mother and stay home and scam some more
    Stop whining and scamming as the rest of us are supporting these deadbeats..
    All of the sudden her disability has gone away on its own due to losing the money for one of the kids so now she can work
    Imagine that..
    Odsp recipients should not receive $100,000 @ year on welfare
    I think $2,000 a month is sufficient so that way scammers would get off welfare in a heart beat and get a job
    Never mind it gets better while she is collecting odsp she wants to know if she apply for EI but she wants to keep the ODSP big fat cheque as well
    She wants both odsp and EI
    Time for welfare to hire some investigators and crack down on the fraud that she has been committing for almost 2 decades.
    It would be a very good investment for the government
    Stop that nonsense as welfare recipients want it all
    If you know anyone scamming welfare or odsp please provide me with the information and I will report them to the authorities.
    Thank you

  55. Wow, I have read a lot about people dumping on people that are on ODSP. My husband is on ODSP and I work. We are allowed to keep $200.00 a month of what I make, and the government takes 100% of the rest. I’m already 60 years old and we hardly get by. I wish that we had the money some of these people think ODSP recipients are rolling in, but it doesn’t exist for them. I have to shop as cheaply as possible and no our cupboards are never full. Sometimes supper is toast or cheap cereal. This is no way to live, but it’s the life we have. My kitchen sink tap broke off a year ago as it’s an old house. So I carry water from the bathroom sink as we can’t afford a plumber. I tell my husband to think positively because our position makes him feel useless. He wants to work so badly and has applied for jobs. He gets interviews but as soon as he tells of his health issues it’s sorry buddy but you are too big of a health risk. The thought of more money being clawed back is terrifying. I don’t know what to do.

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